Review: IDW TMNT #10

Since IDW has started the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle run, we have been waiting for the Shredder to make an appearance, to see the new story line start up, and how they are going to handle the Foot.  After issue 5, the question got even bigger with the original Oroku Saki returning as well?  When the cover of issue 10 was released, everyone saw the new image of the Shredder, which has made us so excited, waiting for this issue of Turtles to hit the shelves. Now it's finally here!

This issue starts off with the Foot Clan picking up where they left off in IDW TMNT #9.  Splinter is caught and Karai is standing in front of him.  Shredder is there, remaining quiet watching as Karai explains to Splinter why he's caught.  Karai speaks of the Foot and how they know their enemies are now creating mutants and if Splinter wants to live he has to prove himself.  Karai removes the ropes from Splinter’s arms and sends him into a fight to the death.

I loved this scene!  Tom did such a great job with the writing. Splinter's thoughts are spaced throughout this full scene as he knows what's going on from his past life.  The looks from Karai are great as she’s thinking she's on top of this all.  The fact that the Foot is trying to get Splinter to work for them is awesome.  It's got so much to it.  I’ve always loved the idea of the Foot trying to recruit the Turtles.  It was done in both the original cartoon and the 4Kids series.  The movies and Mirage Comics did not get to try this route with the Turtles.  Though this is the first time where the offer of joining is given to Splinter.   This is a great introduction to the Foot, and much like the 4Kids, Shredder has an enemy he's out to stop and we don't know the build up between Krang and him.  So much we still have to learn.

Once we get to the Turtles, they're in April's van as they have no clue where to go.   Their home was destroyed, their father kidnapped, their mission to save their Father leading to only more questions and now they are without rest, tired and feeling very beaten.  Still determined to find Splinter,  Leonardo is assuming that it is the Foot clan who has Splinter.  Donatello is getting angry with Leonardo over this as he brings up that each of them have had missions and the only one hooked up on this Foot Clan idea is Leonardo, who he feels only thinks that because Splinter brought it up.  Donatello still refuses to believe in this history he's been told, which gets Don and Leo into their own fight.  Raphael joins in to the fight between the two of them until Michelangelo yells at them to shut up and April chimes in for them to stop acting like two year olds.

The Don and Leo fighting is starting to grow on me, though it still feels weird to see the two of them at each other so much.  I like that Raph joined in on this, and I’m wondering if we’re going to see any shifts to where down the road it will be fights between Leo and Raph.  If so, that would be interesting to watch the tension grow and see just where it comes from between the two of them.  I also really like April jumping in to try and end this fight.  Though there are some images where the Turtle’s heads look a little stretched to me, though I love the expressions between the characters.  The grin that Mikey gives when he talks about the cat girl is a great grin.

Back with Splinter and the Foot, Splinter is taking on his fight with the warrior that Karai put against him.  The full time you get to hear his thoughts about the Foot and how much he really knows about this clan.  Though you also see the Shredder surprised by Splinter’s fighting style.  Once Splinter takes down this big warrior though, his new challenge is brought to him, kill or be killed.

I love this!  This is so fun to read and exciting to even think that it’s come to this.  Shredder came in not knowing that this Mutant ever had any connections to the Foot.  Here Splinter proves himself in being able to match against their great fighting style.  The surprised look on the Shredder’s face is an image I keep going back to, just the wide eyes of shock is a priceless moment.  One that I really can not put into words, you must read this comic to see this image for yourself.  The built up here is great and is leading to something even better.

Now we go back to Baxter Stockman.   He’s now at the lab and is going after Old Hob for losing Splinter.  He’s very angry and even Krang throws in a few words.  Though the big surprise is when Old Hob points out that Chet is missing, and he was the one awake when the Turtles were taken.  Chet is out on the phone reporting to his Master, most likely the Foot. He mentions that the Turtles were there right after Karai took the rat.

This is good because it’s showing now the weakness in Stockman’s company.  Even Krang’s remark was in how Baxter was treating his workers.  Baxter is in a bad spot and his spot keeps getting worse.  Knowing that Chet is working with the Foot is a big sign of just how bad off things are for Baxter.  The real questions remain though, why is Shredder and Krang against each other?  What is the history there?  I personally can not wait to see what Tom has in store for us with this story!

April takes the Turtles to the Second Time Around Shop, telling them that they can live there while everything is being figured out.  Michelangelo and Donatello love their new home as they find things they like in the shop.  Though Raph and Leo are both focused on the lost of Splinter and finding him.  Leo mentions they need food and sleep, which sends Mike heading out the door to get some pizza.  Casey points out that it’s morning already so April and Casey have to leave.  April is worried about the guys, as Casey assures her that the guys are fighters.  Though someone takes notice to the Turtles moving in.

Once again, we have great interaction.  I like that Raph talks a little with Casey off to the side, showing how close the two of them still are even in this these tight times.  I also love Mike and Don’s reaction to the shop.  It’s good to see Leo make the right choice about food and sleep instead of stressing over finding Splinter even though they’re not rested.  Overall each of the guys are making the right move for themselves to be ready for when trouble does find them.  I also love that they leave this scene with a bit of mystery of who saw them moving in.  Is it someone we know or someone new?

The final scene in this comic is Splinter with the Foot, his choices were given to him.  Splinter cleary states how he will not join the Foot Clan that he would rather die.  He gives a full talk about how he knows the Foot better than they think he does, and how the clan use to have honor.  This speech also catches the attention of Shredder.  Though what happens next is something you will have to read for yourself as the ending of this comic has a few surprises in store.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scene!  Tom did great with the writing!  Dan did fantastic with the art!  The full scene was a work of art, from the character growth, the story build up, the tension between each of the characters, and the realization that there’s more to the rat than any of them could of thought!  Splinter is in the middle of the Foot base and stands his ground!   Oh... why can’t issue 11 be in our hands already?!

Overall another GREAT issue.  And the more of these I’m reading, the more I’m bouncing for issue after issue to be out.  It has been a long time since I’ve been this excited over comics and with every issue, my heart pounds faster in wanting to see where the next one is going and just knowing we got so long to wait.  These are worth the wait and this issue was really worth the wait.  The introduction of the Foot to Splinter is done so well here.

Have you read IDW TMNT #10 yet?  What are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions down below!  Thanks!

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