Review: IDW TMNT #12

A year of stories have been building up to a big fight, Ninja Turtles vs. The Foot!  IDW Publishing has been keeping us on our toes with all these comics building more and more on the characters and stories.  Tom Waltz has been bringing us through this world building up the tension.  With Dan’s artwork flowing right through.  What a comic.  And here issue 12 is finally here bringing us a battle of good vs. evil.  Though this does not end the story, this is only the beginning.

Issue 12 starts off with the Turtles getting ready to break into the Foot base.  Angel lead them right to the location, though the Purple Dragons and her, decide to step back.  Letting the Turtles and Casey go into this fight alone.  Inside we see Splinter and Shredder fighting each other.  Shredder is toying with Splinter, and Splinter realizes this. He’s already worn out from all the fighting with the foot beforehand and now he has to face the Shredder alone.  Though Splinter is giving it all of his efforts going in for any opening he thinks he sees.  Though as Shredder taunts him, he realizes that Shredder is right.  Pulling at his inner strength of the memory of his family is what keeps Splinter fighting.

I really love this fight, as we do not normally get to see Splinter and Shredder go at it for so long.  Just the two of them.  The old foes facing off in a life and death battle.  Shredder is not taking it easy on Splinter.  Dan did a nice job showing each strike as Tom really helped bring Splinter’s thoughts to the page as well as Shredder’s personality showing through for this book.  There is a lot of great touches here, making this a cool fight scene to see.  And at this point, the evil stands winning the battle.

Shredder does not stand as the winner long as a foot warrior is thrown through the window right into the Shredder knocking him away from Splinter.  Shredder orders his remaining warriors to attack, though to leave the rat for him.  Leonardo and Karai get to match swords for the first time in this series.   Raph gets his rematch against Alopex!  Casey and him have a few words about her and what side she’s on, as she picks on Raph for talking too much.  As Don and Mike are out to get Splinter, to try and get him out of there.  Which means they go against the Shredder!

What a fight!  The writing!  The art!   The story!!!  I do not want to go on and spoil who wins what battles and how everything goes down here.  Though I will say that it plays out in such a way that I find it a great mixture of the other Shredders.  Including Shredder trying to get the Turtles to join the Foot!  What a wonderful scene for TMNT history!

Each of the personalities were dead on in this comic, as they hit the spot with who these characters are for this comic, and the other many worlds that they’ve lived in.  I can not wait to see more of this Shredder, as there’s so many questions still left open about him.  As we are left with the question of how he is back as well.  This book just keeps getting more and more exciting.

I will say that they did some wrap ups to show that this story is not over.  As we get a little bit with April.  And some stuff with Baxter Stockman.  The stuff with Baxter shows we’re entering a new game.  The big question though is.... what of Old Hob after this?

With new questions and old questions, this book leaves us with the taste of wanting more!  I can not wait to see where things go from here.  The sad news is that Dan is not going to be the artist after this book.  I want to say at least this fan will miss Dan’s work and a big THANKS Dan for a great run in the TMNT series!  Hope to see your name in the credits again sometime!

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