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TMNT18_cvrAIn December 1987 the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon came on with a five parter to introduce the world to characters created for a black and white comic book.  The producers, writers and directors decided to bring this cartoon into it’s own direction away from the dark dangerous characters of the comic world and turn them into a fun loving group with a lot of laughs. They introduced a lot of new characters throughout their long run on TV, most of which disappeared once the cartoon went off the air in 1996.  Nickelodeon and IDW is giving us promise to see these beloved characters again.  Right now IDW holds us dead center of a battle that includes some of the lost but well known characters of the original cartoon series, Neutrinos.  Zak, Dask, and Kala.  Brought to us in issue 17 of IDW TMNT, we go on with this story as the Turtles get to go to Dimension X for their first time.  Excitement fills a lot of us old school fans who enjoyed the original cartoon series, to see just where these characters will lead us now.  So here is my review of IDW #18.

This issue begins on Planet Neutrino as the Turtles have appeared in the middle of a war.  Dask makes the call to get the Fugitoid to safety, the Turtles follow attacking him and the other Neutrinos seeing seeing them as a threat.  A brief talk between them the Turtles decide to stay with this crew to get to safety and then get their answers.

I really feel this was handled great.  The Turtles right away jump into action to protect themselves, no time to be stunned that they were zapped to another world.  They take note of the fact that this is different, but are able to keep in action the full time. They realize they had a goal to begin with and stay true to it.  The artwork of the characters seems simple though, as if there’s something different to it, almost like a sketchy Archie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style.  I do like how the Turtles are able to get close to the Neutrinos to get them to talk more, as Raph gets his sai right up to Dask’s neck.  The fights here are great and it’s clear the Turtles are going to have to fight no matter what if they don’t go with these strange new people they’ve been fighting.

Back on Earth April and Casey fill Splinter in on what’s happened with the guys.  Splinter blames himself and gets angry, once he realizes he broke the broom he feels bad that his anger got the best of him.  Splinter tells them to trust the guys can get back on their own, though April comes up with another plan to get on the inside and learn stuff.

Once again I am digging this April, she’s on the ball at keeping things moving for herself.  She’s not sitting back and just doing nothing, she says “Let’s go” when something is wrong.  The more I see her, the more I feel this could become my favorite version of April.  I like that Splinter realized from his view it was a dead end and they just had to rely on the Turtles to get home.  He was able to come to terms with this, knowing they are trained good.  Funniest panel of art in the comic, Splinter breaking the broom.

The Turtles are fighting an army with this team of warriors. Once the army gets what they want they begin to fall back.  Dask freaks realizing they have the princess as he yells this out Michelangelo over hears.  Dask orders Zak to stay with the Fugitoid, while Kala is to come with him to save the Princess.  Michelangelo decided to join in on the rescue mission which gets the other three Turtles in on this fight as well.  Even when Michelangelo’s throwing star does not work against the rock army they’re fighting, he does not give up hope jumping into action and saving the princess.  Though the Rock Soldiers get away without the princess we learn that she was not the only ones they got as her words are “Mom...Dad... ...No”

AWESOME!  Way to go Mikey!  I loved this full scene as Mikey made his way to save the pretty girl.  It’s different for him to have his eyes for a Princess here, in the cartoon he had a crush on Kala.  The shock on Mike’s face is caught as he’s staring at her realizing that there were more who needed to be saved.

At Stockgen Research April is moving in on finding out more information on the Turtle project and just what is going on here.  She does so by surprising Lindsey, pretending that she’s be in on this project the full time.  April does a great job at leading her co worker to believe all of this and starts to get information that she is not sure to understand yet.  The name Krang and Burnow Island.  April is not the only one wanting information as Karai is spying on the two of them learning this information as well.

Ok, even more liking this April!  She’s strongly winning me over with every move.  She’s did this a smart way convincing this co worker that she’s in on everything.  Very impressive.  Though she is taken off guard by General Krang, as they do not know this area just yet.  And Karai hiding in the shadows!  Good to see the Foot is still on the ball about Stockgen!

The Turtles are with the Neutrinos and learning their history now.  Getting to ask the questions they’ve been asking through this full comic book.  Though these are for the readers to learn.  To find out their back story, as well as some history on Krang and his kind, please make sure to pick up IDW TMNT #18!  It’s a great read and totally worth the buy!

I really did enjoy this issue as I keep getting pulled more and more into the IDW comics.  I have hope that the new series may also help bring even more attention to the IDW TMNT comics as these deserve some highlight for all thought and work put into them.  Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman are doing an outstanding job at keeping the Ninja Turtles fresh, exciting and enjoyable!  I can not wait to get my hands on issue 19 of this amazing series!

Did you read IDW TMNT 18?  What are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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Thanks, Michele!

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Anytime! I mean every word, you guys are doing GREAT! ([:{-D

Hi Michele (& Tom),

I couldn't be happier with this series. The team has put together a very solid story line. I recently read the article highlighting the Cityfall story arc and have high expectations for it. Keep up the great work!