Review IDW TMNT #7

IDW Publishing has been doing a great job with the Turtle series as Tom Waltz is giving us a whole new view on our favorite green mean machines with a twist of a story, action, and new and old villains.  Readers never know what’s around each corner as he leaves us guessing.  This issue shows just how much more of a mixture the IDW Comics really is of the other medias of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with signs in previous comics of General Krang and even what looked to be Bebop and Rocksteady. What more could we hope for?

This issue starts off showing us just how much influence from the original cartoon series is making it into the IDW Comics  as we are on planet Neutrino with Rock Soldiers and General Krang.  Krang is really Krang, as in the one we know from the cartoon.  He’s standing there in a robot body, more up in the chest than the stomach of the body.  Though still, he’s that pink blob of chewed up gum that we all love to hate.  His warriors are loosing their battles against the Neutrinos and he is furious with Baxter Stockman who has not gotten things together for him yet.  So he decides to give Baxter a visit.

These few pages got me so excited.  It’s been a long time since Krang has been a real character of any of the series. True, he was in “Turtles Forever” but that’s a one movie type deal. This is a comic series and Krang is taking the lead villain role that he was meant to have.  The Rock Soldiers are great to see again, I’ve always liked them.  I can not wait to learn this Krang’s back story, why he’s on Earth, how he met Baxter and if he’s going to have anything to do with the Shredder!

The next few pages are of Michaelangelo and Raphael picking up dinner.  Michaelangelo is introducing Raph to his friend, a man who doesn’t seem to have problems with giving pizza to Mutant Turtles.  Mike shares the story of how they met Woody.  When Woody comes out and says hi, you see that they’re friends and he even knew about the search that the brothers were doing for Raph.  They get their pizza as Woody has to return to work.

Great to see another pizza guy in the story, would of been cool if it was Keno.  Woody seems cool though, and may be a character we see through this series.  Either as a distract like this to split up the characters, maybe a victim that we get to know only to see get hurt or killed. I love how this full scene plays out, the interaction between Raph and Mike being friends, totally in character for them.  The art work, the expressions,  it all flows nicely with a nice brotherly moment.

Now we go to Donatello and Leonardo talking.  Don is still going on about how he doesn’t believe in in reincarnation.  Leo, of course, is standing up for Splinter in this, as he believes the story and believes that in his sleep he sees Shen, their mother. The image shown is of her dead.  Though as Don is debating with Leo about their history their home gets attacked.  By Mousers!

This is GREAT!  I like that Don is basically talking for the readers.  Those of us who are not buying this background story and are still looking for why and how.  Don is the voice of reason in this comic, which helps bring us more into tune with information we may need to keep feeling the story line.  Though it’s interesting to see that they’re keeping this distance between Don and Leo, in how they go about things.  It’s almost as if without Raph there, Leo has started to butt heads with Don instead.  Is it going to remain this way or is there more for us to see in the growth of these characters?  All should be played out in time, and I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

April and Casey also get a few pages in this book.  Casey is teaching her to fight and she looks like she’s getting it down.  Though it seems Casey is trying to get out of his home work.  April has caught onto this and has brought the supplies needed so he can’t run from what he needs to do.

I do like the interaction between April and Casey.  I also like that we didn’t have to go through the full introduction between the two, it shows some time has gone by since the last issue.  This so far is my favorite scene with April in the series.  It’s short, but shows great character growth.  I look forward to where they go with her.

Back to the fight with Splinter, Leo and Don having the mousers are piling in on them.  Old Hob is in the shadows watching and controlling the mousers.  Splinter realizes that their defeat is bound to happen and tries to order his sons to run.  Though as they are about to, Old Hob lets himself be known and orders for the mousers to bring the walls down upon them.  The fight is heating up.

This is one you have to see to fully enjoy.  Turning each page, seeing the action, the mousers getting broken and the sheer amount of Mousers there.  Overall this is a really well laid out fight scene.  I like the feel of Old Hob here, he’s really enjoying his job.

Mike and Raph are now heading back with the pizza.  Raph felt something in the ground and made a point to mention the rumble.  Though Mike jokes about it as they head down.

This again is a nice little scene, one page to show the pacing of the comic.  Good interaction between Raph and Mike.  Though the only thing that does get me is that when I’m in New York I feel rumbling under my feet a lot.  It’s called the Subway, and a lot of the time as you’re going through New York you feel and hear them going by.  Just wonder if this means that their lair is not near a subway station.

Now we can’t have more of this issue without Krang’s visit to New York starting.  Krang is one of the things that has the fans hooked right now.  So what better way to do this than to have him break into Baxter’s Penthouse Suite.  Though as Baxter is starting to complain about coming home and finding his place broken into, he is greeted by a Rock Soldier and basically carried in to see Krang.

Krang is all covered up.  Hiding what he is, as you just see a part of the head of the robot.  Baxter and Krang have a long discussion as you learn that Baxter created the Rock Soldiers for Krang.  Of course Krang is not happy that the stuff he wants is not ready, though Baxter is assuring him that it will be ready soon.

Still really excited about this.  It is so weird to see the Mirage/4Kids Baxter Stockman interacting with Krang.  Just a blend of medias, yet creating it’s own.  Overall the layout and writing for these pages were really well done.  I do like Stockman in this series.  He’s so smug and sure of himself.

Though, Raph and Mike though are not so sure of what’s going on around them, as they show up to find a mess.  They hear Leo call out, as they drop the food, rip of their clothes (some how the Turtles always can do that fast) and race in to help Leo.   The last page is Leo standing alone, beaten screaming for help as Don and Splinter are down.  Mousers surrounding Leonardo.

This had me jumping to watch the full fight, only for it to end very fast with “To be Continued!”  I have to say that the piece on this last page is amazing!  I love how it’s drawn, I love how the writing is written, you you can see the pain in Leo’s words just by the text!  Really well done page overall.

Once again issue 7 seemed too short for my liking as I really want to just keep reading this story.  Not wait a month to see more, as the comic itself has pulled me into what is going on.  The wait month to month is the hardest part of being a fan of this series.  Though as I think about it, the Archie Comics had me feeling the same way.  I’d sit there and burn right through and issue only to come up going... “I want the next issue right now!” It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this with a comic book series.  In other words, IDW is pulling it off.  They got me hooked.

Have you been keeping up with the IDW Comics?  What are your thoughts on this issue?  If you haven’t picked up these comics yet, why not?!   Answer these questions or just comment below!

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Really enjoying the series so far!
At first the art was a trouble for me because I was expecting something different, but after a while I get used to it, and I´m really loving it. Expecially I think Dan Duncan does a great job with the shape of the turtles´s heads. He absolutely nails them!
The story is great. I´m with Don with all the past life thing.
I´m hooked.

This sucks! Give me the adult versions of April and Casey any day... not these teens who have to work on there homework... for god sakes...

Michele Ivey's picture

To each their own, I don't mind the new take on the characters personally.

If memory serves, Woody was the guy who won his likeness being drawn in a TMNT book at SDCC last I don't know how often you'll see him pop up after this.

Michele Ivey's picture

I did forget about that while reading this, I think you're right. I have the panel on video, when I get the chance I can double check.

This is the best comic series going on right now, I can't wait until issue 10 which I assume by the cover art this is when the Shredder will be introduced. I hope that the movie in production follows the storyline being told in the wonderful comics. The art is AMAZING as well