Review: Jared's Epic Movie Theater Party

As a kid I started going to many events from Conventions to concerts.  Enjoying all types of entertainment. There was some things I never got to do, and really thought I would never do. This last  weekend I fulfilled a few of these lost dreams at Jared's Epic Party. Meeting people I never met before and making a lot of new friends. Now I want to share this with everyone.

Jared’s Epic Party came about by the fans coming together to make something very cool happen.  One man thought it would be cool to throw a party with Vanilla Ice and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a very costly party to even think about doing.  I know if I thought about it, I would have dismissed the idea, knowing that there was no way I’d get the money needed.  This did not stop Jared as he found a website to raise the funds needed and ended up raising more than enough for the original things he wanted to do.  Thanks to the fans who believed in his dream.  Now the dream is a reality!

I went to three of the events connected to Jared’s Epic Party!  Each of these events were great and filled with so much to talk about, that I am breaking this down into three different main reviews.  Other stories connected to this will follow as well.  The first of these reviews is getting to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II in theaters with Kevin Eastman, Ernie Reyes Jr and Partners in Kryme!  The next review will be the VIP party at Serious Pizza and that will build up to the Epic Party itself!

We got to the Movie Theater in time to watch as things started to be set up.  Turtle fans were already there, including my friend David, that saw us at the hotel before going there.  David is one of many Facebook friends I met this night, who I never got to meet in person before.  It was funny to see some photos tag me in them from the event before I even got to talk with the friends.  As I wandered around, getting the feel for this awesome movie theater that had a bad attached and the Turtle Van parked outside, the guests started to show up.

Ernie Reyes Jr was the first guest to walk in.  It’s always good to see Ernie, so I made sure to say Hello.  Two Turtles showed up to pose for photos, we had Raphael and Michelangelo hanging around the Turtle Van.  People spent time getting their photos with the Turtle van and Turtles, a great time seeing so many happy faces.  Reminded me a lot of the early days going to movie theaters as a Turtle.  This alone, could of made me happy with seeing the movie on the big screen but there was a lot more to come to make this an epic viewing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.

It wasn’t to long after the Turtles came out to the van, when the crowd gathered outside to see Kevin Eastman.   I got a few pictures with my phone of the crowd around Kevin.  I did not want to move forward as I wanted all these fans who never met Kevin before to get their chance with him.  Sticking to the background watching Kevin, it hit me that this is my first time seeing the Secret of the Ooze on the big screen since Turtle Con 1992.  Turtle Con was my first time meeting Kevin Eastman.  Almost 22 years ago.  That thought just brought a smile to my face as I could not wait to get in and see the film. 

I noticed a guy walking around with a TMNT shirt I didn’t know, it had “Out of the Shadows” on it.  The man himself stood out to me, but I wasn’t sure if he was who I was thinking.  Till I saw Tokka talking to him, once I saw Tokka’s reaction I knew.  This was Richard A. Usher Jr. also known as Golden Voice, from Partners in Kryme.  I got the car keys from Fugitoid and ran out, grabbing my records from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first movie and my autographed T-Shirt for him to autograph.  I came back and got into the group of people, he signed one of my records and posed for a photo.  He was surprised to see a record there.

After that photo I moved off to the side, and talked with another TMNT fan who was there.  He held the Foot event in New York City last fall with Richard.  It was great getting to talk to him, as we both agreed one of the best things is seeing all the happy people.  I showed some photos from my days as a Turtle.  Then everyone said the movie was about to start so we had to pile in.

I got seat 1601, which was a great seat for me.  It was like they knew how to seat me at a theater as my family would often take these seats even if a theater was empty.  I sat down for the film and got pulled right into it.  This being my first time seeing on the big screen after meeting so many of these amazing people like Michelan Sisti, Leif Tilden, Kenn Scott, Mark Caso, Mark Ginther, Kurt Bryant, François ChauSteven Ho, Nick Palma, Adam Carl and Robbie Rist!   This was not bringing me back to that old feeling, but because of all the differences in my life this gave me a whole new amazing rush at seeing the movie.  I loved it!

The movie theater was fun too, they served food during the theater so people we were eating pizza while watching the movie.  Some of the pizzas were named after the TMNT characters just for these screenings.  And knowing that not only TMNT guests were here, but we had Robocop and Back to the Future actors!  This was a screening I will never ever forget.

Directly after the movie, they brought Kevin Eastman, Ernie Reyes Jr, and Richard A. Usher Jr up in front of the crowd for a Q&A.  Here is footage from the Q&A taken with my cell phone.  I really wish I could of had my video camera inside to get much better footage.  This is still worth sharing for anyone who could not make it to this Epic night!

Video taken with my Cell Phone. All edits are from stopping it between questions to not have it stop while a guest is talking.  Blur and shakey.  Sound is good.

This was my first time hearing anything about the behind the scenes of “T U R T L E Power” so I was really excited watching and hearing what Richard had to say up there.  Also thought it was cool that Ernie mentioned Santino.  The Q&A was great, as soon as it was over we all went to the lobby where they signed autographed.  I hung around to talk with Turtle fans about all the awesome stuff that happened that night.  Making many new friends.  We stayed till things were closing down.

An amazing night and this was only the beginning as The true Epic Party was still one day away from happening!  Thanks Jared and all the supporters of Epic Party for making this evening happen!

Did you go to this screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze? What was your thoughts on the night?  When was the last time you saw TMNT II?  Share your reviews, comments and questions below!

Went to Jared's Epic Party?  Want to help out more?  With costs being high and items stolen from the party there's friends trying to raise up funds to cover the extra costs for the party.  Find out more Here

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