Review: Jared's Epic VIP Lunch

One of the benefits of being a VIP for Jared’s Epic Party was the VIP Lunch, pizza at Serious Pizza with guests from the Epic Party.  Those who got the VIP badge got to line up at this pizza place for pizza and hanging out.  This is my review of the VIP Lunch, the awesome fans, and the cool guests who all came to hang out before the big party.

I got to the party and saw a huge crowd of TMNT fans already there.  We did some photos outside before going in.  This was a different event for me, I normally go to events where I know more than just the guests but the VIP party was just that.  A bunch of new faces, with guests that I’ve had the honor of knowing for years.  Once inside I took a few photos and sat down near the back, a bit surprise and happy to see my friends were hanging out back there as well.

Next to me was Ernie Reyes Jr.  I’ve known Ernie since 2009 with the TMNT tour, on the other side of him was Courtney Eastman, Kevin’s new wife.  Behind me was a chalkboard with some art on it, where Kevin Eastman stood most of the time.  The booth right across the way had some of my new friends from the Epic Movie Theater Party.  I was able to sit back and relax with people I knew, and meet a lot of new faces who came over to say hi.  We even had Donatello hanging out with us.

These were large slices of New York style pizza.  Though if you wanted a drink you had to pay for it, there was a deal to get a PBR which is what I ended up getting.  It was great to see so many faces come up to greet the guests, and hear their excitement. 

The biggest problem was how small the location was, they could only let so many people in the door at a time.  Even though we were there for a while, once we had to leave to make it back for the Epic Party, there was still a line.  The guests came outside and goofed off near the line for a bit, Claudia Wells even played catch with some pizza dough.  They were bringing food out to the people in line, to help get everyone their food so they can head over to the party.

This was a short party, with some good people.  A lot of great fans.  And a hard working staff, doing what they can to make everything work out.  Here is some video from the VIP party.

A big thanks to Jared for coming up with the idea for the EPIC Party and all of those that believed in his idea making it reality.  This could not have been done without everyone’s support.

Went to Jared's Epic Party?  Want to help out more?  With costs being high and items stolen from the party there's friends trying to raise up funds to cover the extra costs for the party.  Find out more Here.

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