Review: LEGO Toy Fair Booth 2013

At New York City Comic Con 2012 LEGO let the world know that they are doing their line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We were able to get an interview and have been doing reviews covering Kraang’s Escape Lab, Shredder’s Dragon Bike, The Attack Lair, and working on uploading the Shell Raiser set now.  These are four of the six sets released by LEGO for 2013, first appearing in Toys R Us for the Holiday season of 2012.  Each set with amazing detail and lots of cool tricks the LEGOs can do.  So when I was invited to LEGOs pre show look for Toy Fair 2013 I did not want to miss this chance of seeing very cool stuff.  Here is a bit about my walk through of the LEGO booth including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display.

When you get to the LEGO booth you see these walls built up all around it.  The front doors are the only way in.  And you must be checked in to go through those doors.  I walked into the booth, seeing to my right a small hall with food, straight in front of me was more an open hall that had LEGOs along the wall to my left.  I walked straight looking at the wall, seeing these are LEGOs for children.  I noticed that some of these LEGOs had ‘No picture’ signs in front of them.  Once I got to the end you turn right.  There was two cube dips in this area, to my right with more LEGO displays, as the wall to my left was also LEGO displays.

One of the displays to my left was the NinjaGo theme which is a show on Cartoon Network where the characters look like LEGOs.  A totally LEGO property which is really cool.  They had six new sets for NinjaGo.  The set that caught my attention here was the “Temple of Light”.  A $70 play set which includes four little figures, a big play set and a large robot type thing that stands as tall as the play set. It looks really cool and is worth checking out for anyone who’s had interest in NinjaGo.  There is 565 pieces to this set and it is already on the market.

Next to that is CHIMA.  This is something I never heard of till I got to Toy Fair, though they had a giant LEGO of one of the characters even displayed outside of their booth.  According to their press guide “This new LEGO Franchise combines the fun of building with role play, social play and competitive elements.  Builders compete via heroic animal characters, such as a Lion, Gorilla or Crocodile, to obtain the power of CHI.” There is around 37 sets of the CHIMA LEGOs coming out in 2013.  A ton of fun for anyone who decides to get into this new line of toys.  They had the Ring of Fire set displayed there where it’s a toy that you can get to jump through LEGO built rings of fire.  So a lot of thought went into their these new toys.

The second dip off to my right had toys that caught my attention. Including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGOs. I went straight over to the TMNT display to see that these are all the sets that we have seen before. They did not have the Lego Baxter Robot Rampage set there. The sets they had on display were Kraang Lab Escape, Shredder Dragon Bike, Stealth Shell in Pursuit, Turtle Lair Attack and The Shellraiser Street Chase. Each set was displayed with all of their pieces put together for people to see. They had little notes that said the name of the set, how much they should go for in stores, and when these will be in stores. Which for Ninja Turtles they said January, though we know that these were all out in December.

While looking these sets over I did notice something to note, little TV sets in the corner of their signs.  The Turtle Attack Lair, Shredder’s Dragon Bike, and the Shellraiser Street Chase sets all had these.  With Feb-Mar and Dec marked on these signs.  I asked one of the LEGO reps at the event about these little TVs and found out that those are letting us know when the TV ads for these LEGO sets will be played on TV.  So look for LEGO TMNT TV ads!

Right next to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGOs was the Super Heroes LEGOs.  These LEGOs had very strong rules of no photos allowed.  The LEGO rep that stood there, was Peter and he was very friendly with informing people not to take photos of the Super Heroes of Marvel or DC.  These are toys that we will see when they’re out.  And they look great.  From Iron Man to Batman.  Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Right next to the LEGO super heroes was a small display for the LEGO Minifigures Series 9.  This 48 never-before-seen LEGO minifigures. Basically they are blind boxed toys where people could get little characters for their LEGO worlds that they build up.  And on the wall just opposite of TMNT,  was LEGO Creators.  These LEGOs are three in one sets.  Example is the Fierce Flyer with 166 pieces “Build the ultimate bird of prey! Rebuild it into a venomous scorpion with a flexible stinger tail and moving mouth pincers or a beaver with poseable tail, feet and arms.”  This set is only $14.99 and would be a lot of fun for any child with the different things it can be.

After going out of that dip, I am now rounding the corner on the other side heading back towards the front of the booth.  The wall to my left now has sets like the Lone Ranger, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  My favorite sets on this wall goes to Jabba's Sail Barge and the Republic Gunship.  Both of these LEGO sets go for $119.99 each coming to stores in August 2013.  Jabba’s Sail Barge has 850 pieces and the Republic Gunship has 1175 pieces.  They are very impressive with details, cool sets of Star War characters in each set.

The most impressive thing in the LEGO booth though goes to the LEGO Mindstorms.  This was set up just after the Star Wars LEGOs where they had two Mindstorm robots on display.  The main one was a bit robot, the other looked like a snake creature.  These things were amazing.  

Here is a video I found on youtube of the EV3 in action.

I really did enjoy the LEGO Mindstorms sets they had up and running.  There was a demo showing it being controlled with a smart phone.  Really over all it’s a cool set with a lot of great tricks.  With only 601 pieces to put together this set runs around $349.99 worth every penny if you enjoy cool toys that do a ton of neat tricks.  This will be in markets during the second half of 2013.

For everyone who went to this very awesome LEGO event we were given a few LEGO exclusives.  My favorite goes to my LEGO Yoda.  He’s a display piece for a set coming a few years down the road from now.  Really a nice ending to a great time.

A big shout out to the awesome staff who were working the booth.  And a Thank you to Peter!  I had a great time and am more excited about LEGO and all of it’s new toys coming out in 2013 than I have ever been.   Keep up the amazing work and I can not wait to see what you all do for 2014!

Did you go to this LEGO event too?  What stood out to you?  Do you collect LEGOs, what items are you most excited about for 2013?  Please feel free to share reviews, questions and comments below!

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