Review: Leonardo's Ninja Strike Katana


There are a lot of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys coming to the market based on the fourth season of Nickelodeon TMNT series.  Many of which have yet to be released, though one of these new items has been seen in stores already is Leonardo’s Ninja Strike Katana.  This would seem to be a lot like the Leonardo's Stealth Sword that came out in 2012, though I have found some differences that makes this one of the coolest Role Play items released to date.  Here’s my review of the Leonardo Ninja Strike Katana.

I was very surprised as I got to play around with the sword more to find that it is a lot more like a game.  Having you fight the Shredder, and the sword knowing if you’re going fast or slow.  The voices on it is really well done and the play value is fantastic!  While playing with the sword on video I was having so much fun that I didn’t even realize my first time winning against Shredder, until I was editing the video to share with everyone.  I am truly impressed with this toy.

A few things I noticed after the camera was off.  The button that you press to get it active in demo mode, can be used in normal play mode as well.  It changes the setting of the sword.  When you turn on the sword you’re in action mode, going to fight the Shredder but if you press that button it puts it into freestyle so you’re not fighting the Shredder.  This makes for a nice feature for fans who want to use it in their own Role Play fighting other villains.  Great with playing with friends, or just training by yourself.  The other thing I noticed is that this is the perfect fit for my Giant Michelangelo’s hands from Jakk Pacifics, might be fun for some photo shoots down the road.

I have seen this toy on the market already and I do recommend it for fans old and young.  I normally feel that the role Play stuff is for the younger fans, though this one stands out with these new features and is totally worth checking out.  Watch Nickelodeon Season 4 to see the Ninja Strike Katana in action as Leonardo and his brothers go to Dimension X! 

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