Review: Lexington Comic Con 2015

One of the things that I enjoy most through the year is going to different conventions, meeting new guests and fellow fans.  I usually plan my conventions by the guest list, to make sure the event has something of interest, next I look at the location to see if friends can meet up and last I look at the events to see what is offered to do, so the cost just is not meant for a big dealer room.  Once all those line up to match my personal interest I decide if I’m going or not.  Lexington Comic Con this year fell into the batch of conventions that I wanted to go too.  With both their guest list and location working out well for me, I knew this would be a fun weekend.  Only one problem… another event in which I was a guest at choose the same weekend.  I did not let this stop me from going, only limited my time.

I could only make it to Lexington Comic Con on Sunday, this meant I had to try and see all the guests that I wanted to see in one day.  And choose to either check out the dealer room or see if their was panels I wanted to go too.  I decided to spend my time there on the floor, as they had two dealer rooms to explore.  And I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff from the moment I went in.  Click here for Phoenix's review of Saturday at Lexington Comic Con.

The first of the two dealer rooms I went too was the upstairs one, as Phoenix had told me that is where Ernie Reyes Jr. would be.  I’ve seen Ernie as a good friend since 2009, and wanted to make him my top priority in events.  This dealer room really is hidden from the rest of the con being up stairs and all the way around the corner on the far end.  If I did not know to look for it, I would have missed it.  There was hand made signs telling people to come up and check out the other room, even listing Ernie Reyes Jr on the sign.  This shows that I was not the only one who realized a slightly poor set up here.  It would’ve been nice for a more open area that people can see without searching for it.

Before I could make it into the room, Ernie came out.  So I said hi to him, he was leaving his booth for a bit and told us to come back later.  I agreed and changed my direction for down stairs.  This was a much bigger set up that people could enjoy.  With Star Wars as the 501st had  a huge booth playing Weird Al music and a big Ghostbuster booth with people all dressed up.

Going inside the dealer room itself there was a huge banner with a bunch of different tv and comic characters.  I did not see Ninja Turtles, though this is clearly more a Power Ranger event as there was Power Rangers all over the long banner.  The booths laid out like a normal dealer room, people trying to sell their awesome stuff as fans dressed as their favorite characters searched for items that would fit into their collections. 

I stopped over and said hi to Dave Akins, an artist who works on children books and Zombie games.  I’ve known him for years, it was good to see his booth was busy when we got there so we went on our way to let others get to see him first.  I made my way over to Jim Cummings.  For those who don’t know, Jim did voices on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Leatherhead, Genghis Frog, to Tokka. I’ve been wanting to meet him for years.  I got him to sign my autograph T-shirt and got my photo with him.  I also took this time to meet up with Alan Oppenheimer who has done some minor characters in the 1987 TMNT series.  Though my favorite voice that Alan has done is Cringer in He-Man!  He was so nice when he signed my shirt.

After getting those few signatures I checked out the convention a bit more.  Finding cool stuff for sale, from old TMNT toys to home made soap of different comic and movie characters.  I even broke down and bought some TMNT shirts at 3 for $20 from one of the booths.  There was so many nice people here and a lot of good cosplayers. 

I did take a moment to talk with Dave when he wasn’t busy, and he said that this has been a very good convention for him.  We spent a long time up on the second floor checking out the guests booths and dealers.  One dealer had some cool old TMNT toys, and they were right across from Ernie's booth.  We watched as many TMNT fans came by to see Ernie, others would bring up Surf Ninjas while some were even more old school with t-shirts from Ernie Reyes Sr school.  My favorite part of the convention happened here, as we got to watch Ernie deflat a Spiderman bouncy toy that he got for his son.  So many people were confused as they walked up to his booth, to find out what he was doing on the floor behind the table.  Ernie was impressed with the amount of people that came through on Friday and Saturday.  Everyone seem to have really positive feedback towards how Lexington Comic Con went for them. 

My biggest regret was not being able to come all weekend long to take part in any panels that were happening.  While I enjoyed my time at the convention, I did feel bad for the people hidden up in the smaller dealer room as it did not seem to have as much traffic as down stairs.  I like the few items that I bought and found the convention staff informative when I did have questions. 

The weirdest thing that they had was a people counter to count the people who come through… but only once a day… this seems weird and pointless you can’t get a real count from there as people can lie that they already went through or even say they never went through.  Best way to get a count for a convention is by looking at the sales for the con.  It seemed more people were coming through off to the side where people would go if they were already counted.  Only showing that this just slowed people down from coming in at a normal speed.

Lexington Comic Con is an okay convention.  I will be happy to return for future events, in hopes that I can check out how their panels and other events are held there.  It would good to meet up with fellow fans and even see faces in the crowd that I knew. 

Did you go to Lexington Comic Con 2015?  What brought you in?  What events did you take part in?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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