Review: London Comic Con 2012

My name is Koen, from Belgium. I went to Comic Con London for the exclusive Ninja Turtles event and mainly to meet and greet with Kevin Eastman and Michael Sinterniklaas.  Here is my write up about the event .

When I got to the event, I expected it to be a big deal because in Belgium Comic Con does not exist.  I was lucky there was a Ninja Turtles event or else I would be out of there in about an hour, simply because it was pretty small and had a lot of the same things like games, anime and very few merchandise dealers.  In the whole event I only found one thing Ninja Turtles related.  The event was also way too overcrowded for what it was.

In order to attend the Ninja Turtles event, you had to order your “Special Ninja Turtles VIP” tickets online and once you got there, you could wear your VIP pass to enter the exclusive Q&A, to see never before seen information.  The Q&A started around 11:30 and everybody attending got a “magical” bottle of Ninja Turtle water, a comic and a bandana.  When the event started, everybody had to wear his bandana. I took mine off because it was kinda annoying and was blocking my view .

Kevin Eastman and Senior Vice President of Nickelodeon Animation Current Series, Rich Magallanes, were the people to give the information and answer the questions.  Basically, the new animated show will be an combination of CGI and Anime. They made quite some changes with the whole new look and story. They also made the use of real jujitsu techniques to put in the show.  Here are the points that were discussed :

  • April will be a teenager, because a somewhat 30 year old woman hanging around with 4 teenagers was kinda weird they felt.
  • They really put focus on the words “teenage turtles,” so they made them pretty young and somewhat playful.
  • The Turtles will also have some more character to themselves physically, like they are not all the same size and they have some scratches here and there. Raph’s front plastron is pretty torn up and Don has this space between his teeth.. And I do have to say that Mikey is too childlike.  Again, Raph and Leo don’t get along.
  • As for Shredder, he is going to be very dark they said.
  • The Foot will be pretty easy to beat, unless they come in a group.
  • There are going to be like a numerous bunch of Kraangs, who all will go by the same name Kraang, all in a utrom body.  In the clips I saw, Kraang was attacking Mikey, which I thought was pretty fun.

They said that Baxter Stockman is going to make an appearance and characters like Casey Jones , Karai and the Triceratons will probably also get a role in the new animated series.  As for Bebop and Rocksteady, they didn’t wanted to give to much away. There will probably be a new video game based around the new series.

The toy line will hit the stores around August in the United States, September in the United Kingdom, and January 2013 in other parts of Europe.The vehicles will also have some history behind them like the ‘Party Van’ will be a transformed train wagon with wheels and the ability to ride the train rails. The ‘’Shell Cycle” will have a sort of camouflage to it, when you look to it from above you won’t see it because of the dark shell that covers the bike up.

The episodes will also follow each other in storyline, but if you miss an episode you’ll still be able to follow the next episode. There gonna try to keep the theme song original as possible, but they are going to change it a little.

Kevin Eastman was really looking forward to it, he thought it was awesome.

That’s about it I think, I got my hopes up! And so should you!

(Koen from Belgium)

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I though the UK release for the toys was January. I am pretty certain that is what was said on the What The Shell podcast.

Yea , I can't quite remember exactly , I thought they said Aug(US), Sep(UK), Jan(EU) ..