Review: Men In Black "Neuralyzer"

The Men in Black films have a variety of iconic characters and props. Today we're going to take a look at the most iconic prop from these films, the Neuralyzer.

This Neuralyzer is the one sold at Universal Studios Florida exclusively inside the Men In Black attraction. It is the second version of this prop available at the ride. The first one, available since the ride's opening in 1999, was based on the movie 1 Neuralyzer and featured a dial with a changeable year, as well as a smooth casing and smaller belt clip. The 2013 revised model features a package that claims it is an "authentic movie replica" while the original merely stated "futuristic styling".

So is this authentic movie replica screen accurate? Not entirely... It is actually two Neuralyzer's combined. The time dials are recycled from the first Neuralyzer. The red light was only on the first prop, while Men in Black 2 and 3 had a blue light on theirs. The year dial and flash button were taken from the Men in Black 2 Neuralyzer. I'm very happy they made this change, because the old dial had stickers reading 1997 and 1999 that would often peel off at the ride store. The new year dial reads 04 05 06. The biggest improvement in this model is the new casing with accurate belt clip. I do not recommend using the clip, as it seems to be purely for show.

When you press the button on the top of the device, the top half of the lid pops up, leaving the rest of the lid on the case. The light is on the inside of the case, instead of on the lid like in the films. The top two "dials" can be opened with a screwdriver to replace the batteries. The dials are stickers, and do not move. When you press the key next to the year display, the red light activates and you hear the Neuralyzer sound from the film. I'm impressed by how good the sound quality is, considering the speaker is hidden from view.

Overall, I say this Neuralyzer is a solid choice for every Men In Black fan. It is one of two Neuralyzer's on the market that actually pop up automatically, the other being the much more expensive Factory Entertainment model. Unfortunately, you can only find this Neuralyzer inside the attraction at Universal Studios Florida. I highly suggest picking one up if you ever visit.


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