Review: Monkees 2013 Tour

Anyone who knows me knows that I love oldies music.  My favorite band since I was a child has always been the Monkees.  I love the TV series and the music and have the chance to meet and see their shows many times over the last 20 plus years.  Seeing them my first time back in the 1980’s.  One thing I’ve noticed with the shows over the years is that it started to fall into the same jokes and layout.  While I enjoyed the show it rarely felt new to me.  In 2011 I went to the Detroit Monkees Concert and it had a bit more of an upbeat with some different layout including video in the background.  Little did I know that would be the last time I would see Davy Jones.  Which has made it a little harder to think of going to a show, because that is when it hits me that he’s gone.  Earlier this year I saw Michael Nesmith in a solo show and now I finally went to see him in concert with Micky and Peter.  Here is my review of the Las Vegas 2013 Monkees Concert.

Miki and I traveled from LA to Vegas with one of Miki’s long time friend’s, Michelle.  It was just one overnight stay to see the Monkees staying in the same Casino in which the show was at.  We got there and had our dinner before going up to the room and getting ready for the concert.  I was to sit alone since Michelle had tickets before she knew we were going and her friend could not make it.  Miki was sitting in third row with her.  I got to sit back almost center with a great view of the stage and two seats to myself.  Worked great for me since I am not a fan of close seats with people on my right hand side.  I also like to swing and sing along with the music through the concert, clap my hands and remain very active as long as I’m not hurting.  The space gives me more of a freedom to do just this.

Before the show started they had monitors showing Monkees stuff all around.  From Koolaid ads to the one minute clips for when the episode was long.  Once the lights dimmed the screens played a few more clips getting the crowd excited and then the Monkees were on stage with their band.  The buzz that filled the room was just thrilling alone.  Seeing Mike on stage with Micky and Peter was almost unbelieveable as in after all this time I never thought I’d see him at a Monkees concert.

From the moment the Monkees went on stage the show just kept rocking from one song to another.  Singing their hits from the 1960’s that everyone knows and loves.  They would play by the album with videos going along to their songs.  The band was into it through the show.  There was not much talking, but when they did talk it was usually about the song coming up.  Only one of the jokes that I got use to seeing in all their shows was used here, which was the one about “I’m a Believer” being known first by the Monkees long before Sherk.  The crowd was into it as I could hear others around me singing along to the music, a few up near the front stayed standing the entire show.  It was a strong positive vibe all around. 

The part that took me by surprise though was the action going on with the stage.  The Monkees were dancing and I mean really getting out there and having fun.  They were not just performing like they use to for the crowd, but it was clear they were enjoying themselves which made the performance even more enjoyable to see.  Micky was really getting into his dancing.  Even Peter displayed some movements on stage that I have never seen from him.  The crowd would cheer as the dancing just brought the energy up in the room.  I was simply surprised by how much life was in the show.  Only wishing that there was another stop on their tour that I could make it to this year, to enjoy the atmosphere that is brought along with this live performance.

A nice touch that they’ve added to the show is in memory of Davy.  Davy’s song at the concerts always was Daydream believer.  This song was one he’d get the crowd into singing and was always a highlight of the tours.  When deciding what to do about “Daydream Believer” Micky, Peter and Mike decided that the song now belongs to the fans.  So they choose a fan to come on stage to sing Daydream Believer, and get the crowd to sing along with them.  It is a wonderful and powerful moment during the show. 

If you enjoy oldies music.  If you’re a Monkee fan.  If you’re a person who likes to go to live concerts to get pulled into the energy at the moment this is the show for you.  I really do highly recommend this show to everyone.  Even if you are not a fan of the Monkees this is the event that may bring you into the fandom.  Great songs.  Good people.  And overall an enjoyable night for all.  The Monkees are still on tour, their last show this year will be in Portland, OR.  This is a show not to miss.

Are you a Monkees fan?  Did you make it to the 2013 Monkees Concert?  What is your thoughts of the concert with Michael traveling on tour again?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

Photos provided by Michelle Mason.

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