Review: Monster Jam 2005

Monster Jam, January 2005, in Michigan was a total blast.  I shared the story of the day I got to see the Monster truck, the following day was Monster Jam.  This has been my first and only time to Monster Jam, so going I did not know what to except.  I bought my tickets in advance as soon as I knew the truck was going to be there.  So getting to the show was about finding the seats and seeing what merchandise was for sale, but more importantly was what Alex Blackwelland told me about.

Alex told me to show up early for the Pit party, which I never heard of before.  I got there early and found that they let all of the fans come down to the trucks.  Meet the drivers and get their pictures with the trucks.  All of this is free with the ticket that people buy for the show.  The Trucks were all down there with yellow tape around them, fans lining up to talk to the truck drivers and people with their own remote control trucks out on the dirt!  It was a sight to see, one that made me respect Monster Jam a lot.

I went down and walked around getting photos.  I got a program so that I could have the drivers autograph it and walked around to meet some of the other drivers.  Though my attention remained focus on the Turtle Monster Truck.  This huge truck drew all sorts of attention to the detail put into it.

What surprised me and made me really happy was a group of Turtle fans!  There were all these kids in Ninja Turtle Halloween costumes!  I had to get photos of the children, as these fans knew how to show their support to the truck.  I went to the merchandise area and bought anything and everything I could, the plush Monster Truck, the hat, and flag.  I was showing my support the best way I could.

I got back to our seats, I only wish I could of got closer seats for the event.  My friend Shadow Wolf was the only person who joined me for this show as we sat up near the back watching these trucks run over cars.  I have to say at this point is when I got a little bored with it... I know some people get excited with seeing cars being smashed... but that didn’t really hold my attention as much.  I would get excited when the Turtle Truck would come up,   Though it was doing the same circles and jumping that the other trucks were doing, but less  as the Turtle Truck did one of it’s jumps the bottom of it got broken!  So it was pushed off to the side.

I remember seeing footage on the TV that was more exciting of these trucks doing other tricks.  Though the Turtle Truck never got to show what it could do here as it just did the rounds in the competition and fell out.  It was after they did their jumps, that the other trucks got to do their free style stuff that you see more in the ads, though I was disappointed as the Turtle Truck just stayed parked up against the wall.  The full reason I came to the show was the first truck down.

After the show I went down to the wall near where the Turtle truck was and got some photos of it being down.  It was a fun event, which I would do again, but only if I know the Turtle Monster Truck will be there.  I see Monster Jam come and go yearly through Michigan, but when I check the website it does not list the Turtle Truck. When you go to the truck information on the page it does not have a link to what shows it will appear at.  I personally find this as a down fall for Monster Jam.  They do great stuff with everything else, from working the crowds, giving the fans very detailed and cool trucks, and getting amazing drivers who enjoy talking to the fans one on one.  I wish their website would help those who are only following certain Trucks, so they can know which shows their truck will be at without having to dig through every show listed.  

Do you go to Monster Jam?  What is your favorite part of Monster Jam?  Have you seen the Turtle Truck live?  If so which driver did you meet?  Did it win anything?  Feel free to answer any of these or comment below!

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