Review "Newtralized!" Nick TMNT #43

I know I am behind in my  reviews of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  This has not been due to the lack of watching the show, but more the lack of time.  I have kept up every week with Nickelodeon’s TMNT.   One thing I want to do now, is take the time to catch up on the past episodes with some short reviews working my way up to the recent stuff.   Here is my review  of “Newtralized!” from Season 2.

In this episode Raphael and Casey are out fighting the Kraang when they realize they’re not the only ones.  After warning the others, the Turtles split into groups to try and find out who else is taking out the Kraang.  Raph and Casey get into a fight, if Casey should even be part of this.  As Raph does not feel that he can keep up.  While their debate goes on, they are the ones to find the truth behind their mystery.  As Slash comes out to them and informs Raph that he’s teamed up with Newtralizer and they’re taking out the Kraang now.

Raphael informs his brothers of their fight with Slash and Newtralizer, which gets the Turtles to worry that those two may go too far in their battles.  They locate the next Kraang fight and move in, where Donatello gets a spy roach onto Slash’s shell during this battle.  The Turtles use the spy roach and learn that their fears are right, Newtralizer will hurt innocents to destroy the Kraang.  It’s up to the Turtles to stop them.  Find out how by watching the episode found as part of the “Showdown in Dimension X” DVD set.

I like this episode because they gave a reason for the Turtles to be worried about who’s fighting the Kraang.  As Slash and Newtralizer was taking the Kraang tech.  This made them curious to find out who, just to make sure the tech is not falling into the wrong hands.  If there was not this twist to the fights against the Kraang, the Turtles would’ve just been Thankful for the help.  Though the Turtles also take Kraang Tech, they must wonder how others will feel about them for being guilty of the same thing.

A dislike of mine is how how Raphael is on Casey in this episode.  As Casey has been part of missions with them by this point, including against the Kraang.  If this was earlier in the season, where Casey had not really had a lot of bad stuff happen, I would understand Raph’s worry more.  Though the writers had things happen with Casey that was clearly only done to further the fight between Raph and Casey, like when Casey tries to get the window of a building that is about to blow up and is slowed down by his weapons.  That felt forced just for this side plot.  They seem to do that more in this series, as they do this a lot to Michelangelo when they want him to look dumb.

My favorite thing with this episode goes to the character growth of Slash here.  We see him for the first time since his fight with Raphael.  We see he’s still fighting the good fight.  He does not want innocent people hurt.  And he still cares for Raphael.  I love the interactions between Slash and the Turtles in this episode.  It was also seeing the direction that Newtralizer was going with in this fight.  How badly he wants the Kraang destroyed.

This is a character growth episode.  While it’s not a huge one for moving the plot along, it does help show where Slash is.  And who Newtralizer really is.  It’s got plenty of action for fans and lots of Kraang. 

Have you seen “Newtralized!”?  If so, what is your thought of this episode?  Got a favorite scene?  A favorite line?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below!

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