Review: Nick TMNT #26 Showdown Part 2

In the last episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Kraang are going to make their move.  Shredder is taking action.  The Turtles are off to be heroes as Splinter has his own mission.  So much going on just from this awesome two parter that ended the first season of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titled “Showdown” parts 1 & 2.  The story arc that finally brings so many topics from the season into the light.  Thankfully they were not crammed into one episode. 

A little back story of how some of the stuff that came up in this episode was not a surprise.  In March 2011 a group of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans were brought to Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank for a sneak peek at the new TMNT and they learned a handful of spoilers.  With permission they released these spoilers online.  So a lot of us fans who were keeping up with the news on the different blogs knew about these spoilers and were just waiting for them to come to light in the series itself. So part of this review won’t be just about the big news coming out, though also covering how they handled it.  Here is my review of “Showdown” Part 2.

This episode starts off where “Showdown” Part 1 leaves off.  The Technodrome is here and the Turtles see it for their first time.  Realizing this is bad and it has weapons they run for their lives.  After getting away from the Technodrome the Leonardo decides that they need to tell Splinter what’s going on to figure out their next move. 

I do like this intro.  True this is two segments tossed into one part of the review.  I love Mikey’s screaming to Donatello going into facts.  How Don snaps that this is how he deals with stress.  It’s clear these Turtles have never fought something like the Techondrome and realize this is a threat they need to be scared of.  What an awesome entrance for the Technodrome!  And it even has a giant eye!

While the Turtles were running from the Techondrome we get our first peek at Splinter and Shredder.  This is where Splinter shares his side of the story of how Saki was his friend, that he saw like a brother.  How he had a good life and Saki took it all from him and now is still hunting him down.  The fight starts as Splinter takes on Shredder.  During this part of the fight we see Splinter fall into a trap door area below the floor.  He fights Shredder a little there, though when fire starts to shoot out he makes his way back up. 

This is the beginning to a great fight scene.  I really do like that Splinter and Shredder’s fight is just the two of them.  They can talk freely without distractions other than their own fight.  We get to see more of a flashback of Yoshi’s side of his life.  Images of him with his daughter, including when she was named.  These are parts I personally enjoyed.  As I waited all season to see these two meet.

The Turtles make their way to the lair.  Realizing it’s too quiet down there, they go looking for Splinter.  Raphael is relieved to find Spike.  Michelangelo checked the training room, where he is attacked by Kirby O’Neil.  He dodges every attack, clearly not fighting back knowing that this is April’s father.  The other Turtles come in and tackle Kirby to the ground.  Donatello finds a mind control chip on his neck.  Don tells the others what this is, then Kirby tells the others what he did while they were gone.  Just as they realize they need to go to the Technodrome, Michelangelo turns on the news and they see it in the city.  The realization enters them that the thing they just ran from is what they now need to break into, in hopes to save April.

Really well done scene.  Raph even takes time to tease Mikey with the mind control device.  Kirby is feeling bad and guilty for what happened.  It’s clear he had no chance in taking down Mike when he was attacking.  And it’s a good way of filling the Turtles in on what went on while they were gone. 

In the Technodrome, April is strapped down to a table waking up with a very large Kraang over her.  Kraang Prime explains who it is to April and that they want to take over Earth.  April comes up with the fact that humans are living here now, so they came all this way for nothing.  This is when Kraang Prime explains that her energy is attuned to this universe and they’re going to take it from her.  As devices go around April to start stealing her energy.

This is the scene I hear the most complaints about.  Though for me, I kind of like it for my own personal reasons.  One it’s not April being an alien or mutant herself.  She’s just got higher energy that matches what the Kraang was looking for.  There are different groups of people out there who look into different energy patterns coming from different people.  Some try to catch photos in colors of this, others try to attune their energy with crystals and stones.  Those who have high energy but are trained on how to use it can keep their energy in check to not be as noticed.  Though the ones with high energy that are not aware of it, can become a target.  It does not make her powerful, just gifted in learning things faster if she puts her mind to it.

I do feel that we are going to learn more about this energy in the series too.  This was just the opening of a can of worms where people are learning what attracted the Kraang to April.  Now we need to learn what this means for April herself.  So while I know some fans feel this was left empty, I just think it was left as another thing for us to learn more about.  I have come to like this version of April and am willing to give their story a chance.

Back to my favorite part of the episode.  Shredder and Splinter fighting.  Splinter’s weapon changing a lot during this part of the battle.  Splinter asks Shredder why, his reply was “You took Tang Shen from me” where Splinter replies “She was never yours!”

Even more into the fight and I’m still loving it just as much.  The motive for Shredder’s hatred is there.  True this is not as strong as “you killed my brother” from the Mirage comics.  Though it’s still a good one.  I’ve known people who really do obsessed over the people they love.  Even if the love is not returned.  They do stupid stuff and even give up their life over things like this.  So this is not so farfetched.  It’s what I look for in villains.  I really do hope we hear more of Shredder’s story in Season 2, instead of just Hamato’s side.

Outside the Technodrome is sending pods down to take Humans to be tested on.  The Turtles are trying to decide how to take out one of the pods.  When Don says there’s eight guards between them and the pod that they want to take, Raph does not wait for the others as he clears the path.  The other Turtles catch up to him. 

I love this scene.  There’s a few things that makes this scene stand out to me.  The first moment is Michelangelo tries to come up with a plan on how to get to the pod.  I hated how in the episode “Mousers attack” all Mikey did was come up with names for their missions instead of ideas to help.  So it was nice to see him throw in an idea this time.  And the second thing was Raphael realizes that his brothers were being silly by not just taking out the Kraang like they normally do.

Back to the fight with Splinter and Shredder, where Splinter is telling Shredder that all he ever had was his anger and if Shredder did kill Splinter then he’ll have nothing.  At this moment Shredder informs Splinter that he has taken his daughter.  Splinter is hit with shock as this news sinks in.

The delivery of this was great.  I love that Shredder is the one that informs Splinter of what he did.  A lot of fans already knew that Karai is Splinter’s daughter as this was the spoiler given back in March 2011 to the group of Turtle fans who went to Nickelodeon.  I’m hearing many fans now say they guessed this, but never heard the news before.  Though I never forgot this tidbit, knew it was coming and felt the delivery was great for character growth between Shredder and Splinter.  Splinter now will be taking this fight even more personal and determined to fix what has been wronged. 

The Turtles make their way into the Technodrome.  When they get out of their pod they find that there’s no gravity inside.  At first Michelangelo gets some sickness feeling from being flung around in the zero gravity.  They decide to keep moving, just as some Kraang almost spotted them.  They get into hiding just as April screams and Donatello speaks up a little louder than need be.  The Kraang over heard and come to where the Turtles are.   April is with Kraang Prime as her energy is being drained and Kraang Prime announces that this is working.  The Turtles realize the difference as they fight their way through the Kraang. 

I find this totally interesting how the Technodrome has no gravity.  It is something new as we normally see the Turtles fighting with their feet on the ground.  We have seen it a few times here and there, with them in space.  Though for a main headquarters that could be through the series to be zero gravity will be different.  And I’m thankful for April’s screams helping the Turtles find their way to her.  It gives a reason why they could find her in this huge base.

Like normal now we get near the end of the episode and I recommend watching the episode.  I will say that my favorite fight in this episode is Splinter vs. Shredder.  I will also say that Karai does join this battle at one point and you see Shredder’s face.  This is what made the episode so great to me.  Making it a Season finale to be excited about.  So if you want to learn how the Turtles face against Kraang Prime and just what ended the battle with Splinter and Shredder find and watch this episode!

If you have not watch most of the Nickelodeon TMNT series, please do watch that before watching this episode.  It has such a great build up to these fights and stories that keeping it in order really is the most thrilling way of seeing the show put together.  Even though I do have my issues with the series, like most do at one point or another.  Each of those are nitpicks and comparing to other versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Overall this was a fun season with a lot of great episodes, characters and stories.  I can’t wait for Season two!

Have you seen Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode 26, “Showdown” Part 2?  If so what is your thoughts of this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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