Review: Nick TMNT #29 "Follow the Leader"

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has been an amazing ride and still going with new episodes all the time.  While I’ve been working at giving the fullest of reviews, I noticed that I have fallen behind with real life stuff eating away at my time.  Making my long reviews much harder to write, as I do not have the time to go into the full details that I enjoy giving.  To help us catch up on some much needed reviews, I am going to change up my review format.  If people have questions about parts of the show that I do not get to cover, just ask in the comment section.  This reviews is about episode 29 “Follow the Leader”.

In “Follow the Leader”  The Turtles out searching for the missing Mutagen, when they find a canister we see that Karai is watching them and learns what they’re up too.  The Turtles have been searching for days with little luck, Michelangelo protests about being bored so Leonardo comes up with the idea of a training session.  All of his brothers do not follow his orders and beat him in the training session.  Leonardo is upset by this and questions his ability as a leader.

Shredder has got a new batch of Foot warriors thanks to the Kraang.  He has no intent to use them just yet, as he’s leaving town and threatens Karai to stay away from the Turtles.  Karai sets a trap with the Turtles and uses her new Foot Bots to catch Leonardo.  Now it is up to his brothers to save him from the Foot.

This is an okay episode, not one that really has stood out to me.  Even though I love the Shredder and Splinter story going on with the Nickelodeon series, the turtles learning their lesson about ignoring Leonardo over and over again, felt done after the first season.  This episode was based on Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael learning their lesson again.  Which made the episode less of a thrilling fight for me.  The best parts of the episode is that Karai brings up how Leonardo betrayed her and now Splinter has to open up about who Karai is.

I do have some favorite parts in this episode such as Michelangelo finding a toy in the trash goofing around, with Donatello correcting him.  I loved Michelangelo singing “Go ninja, Go ninja, go” when they found the ooze canister in the trap.  And I thought a great touch for Raphael to be holding Spike when they inform Splinter that Leonardo is caught.  Each those parts stand out to me when I think of this episode.

One of the great things in this episode is a billboard that keeps popping up.  It's "Stockman Industry : Making Today's Dreams into Reality".  The Turtles and the Foot are fighting near it a few times in the show.  There's a big Mouser on the billboard.  It shows that Baxter was starting to make something of himself, trying to go public with his work.  How long did he have a billboard, how did he afford it and has it caught anyone's attention?

I also like the growth in Karai here, she’s looking for revenge for her mother.  It is now much more personal and she’s going after the Turtles at full tilt.  She will never believe the truth.  This is now a personal mission for her, and she’s just as caught up in it as Shredder is.  Only promising us an action packed story centered around a strong female character finding her own road in this dangerous war.

One last touch I want to bring up is that the Turtles did not assume right away that the Foot warriors were now robots.  That was a nice touch, since they’re use to fighting people.  Even with the strengths added to the Foot soldiers.  The Turtles are so use to living creatures getting stronger that when one fell and lost it’s head, they were surprised by the outcome.  This leaves a few questions with the series, are Foot going to be robots from now on or will Shredder still have human warriors going against the Turtles in the series?  Only time will tell.

I recommend this episode just to keep up with the on going storyline about Karai and Splinter.  This is not one of my favorite episodes, at the same time it is not a bad episode.  Packed with humor, action and the Foot makes for an adventure you want to see for yourself!

Have you seen “Follow the Leader”?  What is your thoughts on this episode?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below.

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