Review: Nick TMNT #38 "Of Rats and Men"

In the first season of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they brought the Rat King into the show.  Showing that he wants the rule the city and wants Splinter to work for him.  Even though he was defeated, the war is far from over.  In the episode “Of Rats and Men” from season 2 of TMNT, Rat King makes his next move.  Here is my review for “Of Rats and Men”, an episode that would creep anyone with musophobia out.

April, Casey and Irma are coming out from a movie.  As we get to see Casey’s fear of rats, which amuses Irma.  April finds a cat that was chasing the rat that scared Casey.  She wants to find the cat a home.  They leave Irma, missing out as Irma is kidnapped by something.  Down in the sewers the Turtles are training against Splinter as he wears a blindfold.  Just as training is ending, Splinter is taken over by the Rat King.  Giving them all a scare, Splinter regains control over himself.

April and Casey get to the lair, asking for help with the cat.  While Donatello is talking with them, Michelangelo feeds the cat some ice cream just before some mutagen gets onto it.  The cat mutates and becomes Ice Cream Kitty.  Michelangelo hides the cat in the freezer.  When Splinter enters to get some frozen cheese, for his headache.  Mike tells him no, and he freaks out and attacks Mikey.  This scares Casey, as everyone was in the kitchen to see this attack.

On the news they show what is going on top side.  Leonardo wants Splinter’s help, but Splinter fears how strong the Rat King is.  The Turtles go top side to fight Rat Kings rats, going against these giant mutant rats.  Casey is not enjoying this mission at all.  He’s caught and taken underground to find that the Rat King is planning to turn all the humans taken, into mutant rats.   The Turtles must free the humans, without being seen.  With the Rat King so much stronger, how can the Turtles do this and not be seen by Irma?  Watch the show to find out the ending!

This is an action packed episodes with a lot of rats.  The full gang is in it with April, Casey, and the four Turtles taking part in stopping the Rat King.  With a new character helping out, Ice Cream Kitty.  Funny, but effective for what they needed.  The giant mutant rats are scary looking, adding to the darkness that comes from the Rat King himself.  Over all it really is a fun episode.

Ice Cream Kitty is an interesting twist to the series.  Michelangelo has been the turtle to get pet cats in the past.  In the Mirage Comics and 4Kids series his cat was Klunk.  While this cat is not Klunk, it has a twist all it’s own.  As Ice Cream Kitty is voiced by Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He learned of Ice Cream Kitty at Comic Con International 2013 and wanted to voice it.  In the show, it does not make a difference that it’s Kevin.  Though for the fans, this is a great tidbit of information that we can enjoy.

I personally like the relationship between the Rat King in this series and Splinter.  The Rat King is voiced by Jeffrey Combs, and he does a great job with the character.  This is not the Rat King I’ve grown up with, he’s got his new dark twists.  He is the first Rat King with a real background that I can respect.  While the Rat King in 4Kids did have a background, I was disappointed with that version.  This one is not just creepy in looks, but has dark thoughts and is very smart at what he’s doing.  He’s a challenge for the Turtles and Splinter.  Which makes for interesting episodes.

Can this episode stand alone?  I believe it can work alone.  The plot is kept to this episode, and while it’s clear there’s history it’s explained enough to where someone who just sat down can follow what’s needed.  Of course the show works better for those of us who’ve been following the series all the way through.  I do enjoy episodes like this and hope to see more of the Rat King in the series.  I recommend this episode to new fans wanting to watch episodes where they don’t need to know the main plot line.

Have you seen “Of Rats and Men”?  What is your thoughts of this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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