Review Nick TMNT : MetalHead

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has been great at bringing back characters that TMNT fans of the previous series would enjoy like Baxter Stockman, Shredder, and in away even Krang is here.  Thanks to panels at conventions we’ve seen that other characters we care about like LeatherHead and RatKing are coming to this new series.  This week’s episode brought us another character from the past, Metalhead.  In the original cartoon Metalhead was made by Krang, and programed with the Turtle’s personalities to attack them.  The Turtles win and take over Metalhead.  So now comes the fun of seeing how Metalhead is made for this whole new take on the TMNT.

In this episode Donatello gets tired of his weapon breaking in the middle of fighting.  For me this is just building up.  Since the first fight we’ve seen in this series, we have seen that the bo staff breaks.  Raph broke it in training to beat Donatello up and then in the Baxter Stockman episode the staff is broken by the Stockman Pod.  So the idea that Don is going to start getting upset with his weapon is understandable.  Other series has picked on the idea of Don’s staff breaking with lines like “That was my favorite Bo”, which I was expecting him to say at some point in this series.

With the problem of the breaking bo staff, Donatello looks to upgrade his weapon.  Using one of the droid suits that the Kraang walk around in, Don is the creator of Metalhead.  His demo to his brothers, shows that this little robot can stand up in a fight.  Though when it goes out on a test run, the brothers learn that they do have a problem with the robot.  It’s not stealthy at all, and has done a lot of damage along the way.  So when a fight does come up, Leonardo orders Metalhead to stay behind.

Much like the episode “Turtle Temper”, when it comes down to three Turtles they get into trouble and need help from the brother told to stay back.  Metalhead has to come in and save the day.  While Don is so thrilled by how well his new weapon is doing, things go wrong as his control is cut and a Kraang takes over Metalhead.  Now it’s up to Donatello to show up and help his brothers defeat the Kraang and Metalhead.

This was one of those character building episodes, much like “Turtle Temper” was for Raphael and “New Friend, Old Enemy” was for Michelangelo.  In this one Donatello has to learn to respect his weapon.  And of course things were rushed a little in the episode like April finding the guys while they’re going building to building, that could be said because they knew where April was going earlier.  And how fast Donatello made Metalhead and let’s not forget how fast Donatello got there to help his brothers in the fight.  We are watching the pacing the episode going through things fast to fit everything into the time slot they got.

What I did like in this episode is that April explained to the other Turtles how she’s getting intel on the Kraang, which kind of makes me wish this was episode 3 instead of “Turtle Temper” so that the opening where Don is saying he got his intel from April would’ve worked better at that time for the viewers.  I also enjoy seeing the Turtles relaxing, Mikey asleep on the tire swing, Raph and Leo playing games.  The dance Raph gives after beating Leo, only to push Leo once he’s done and then Leo baps him when they get over to April.  Those are the things I like seeing in the series.  Them being brothers and goofing off.  And those type of scenes are what made this episode so fun for me.

While I like the new Metalhead, I do enjoy the original Metalhead more.  Mainly because he was not a remote control device, he had a programed personality.  Which for me gave more interest for the character.  At the same time, I do like that the remote controls for Metalhead in this episode was like a video game.  I spent a lot of time recently playing the old NES system and that is what the remote reminded me a lot of.  So that was a blast to see.

There are some great scenes in this episode that really stand out to me.  Most of which are of the brothers hanging out.  As I mentioned I really did enjoy the gaming scenes between Raph and Leo, seeing them playing and doing something together outside of fighting is something I’ve been watching for.  And watching them bapping each other around was so worth it.  I also love Mikey’s reaction when Metalhead said “Take me to your leader”.  Donatello watching April through Metalhead was funny.  And I really do love the new Splinter, his reactions and working with the Turtles is priceless.  His pep talk with Don at the end of the show was nice.

While I am enjoying the show, I’m hoping that the pacing straightens out through the series as we get to know the characters so they’re not trying to fit so much into each episode.  I’ve always enjoyed seeing the Turtles work out their problems, how they find the bad guys, working out their plans on taking things down, and of course the progress of Don building his new toys.   Other than skipping over things that I would've love to have seen in the show, I think that Nickelodeon is doing an amazing job.

Have you seen “Metalhead”?  What are your thoughts on this episode?  Do you like the remote control version or the old school programed personality?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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