Review: Nick TMNT Parasitica

Nickelodeon has been doing a bit of torture to us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.  While most TMNT series in the past would wrap up their season in May leaving the summer for reruns, Nickelodeon has decided to keep the show going.  After a month of waiting we finally get a new episode.  Though is it really new?  The show aired in another country and has been bouncing around on the internet for weeks.  Personally I'm not a fan of this long wait between episodes for TMNT and can't wait for the first season to be done.  This last weekend “Parasitica” aired, which is the 23rd episode of Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Here is my review of this episode.

The episode starts off with Michelangelo bored in the Shellraiser, another day another Kraang hunt.  Raphael is giving sitting at the weapons as Mikey decides to pop up and tell Raph to start firing the weapons.  Annoyed Raph tells him no, and Mike gets sent back to his spot to tell them when to turn.  Once the Turtles get to the location Leonardo orders are to go in and find out what the Kraang are up to, then crash the place.  Once they get in, the place is already trashed.  As they search the place Donatello realizes they’re working on bees or wasps.  Mikey asked the size as Don tells him, Mike realizes what he’s look at is not normal as he screams “What the heck is that?” and a giant wasp flies out at the Turtles. 

A fun intro, seeing Mikey get bored.  Driving around all night doing hunts for Kraang doesn’t really sound all that fun.  The part I liked most here though is Donatello getting excited over the stuff that was still good at the lab.  I laughed a little watching him move looking at everything as Raphael and Leonardo were talking.  Now for a new mutant, a wasp that looks like it’s out on the attack.

The Turtles fight the wasp, as they get their shells kicked they jump to safety.  Michelangelo comes up with an idea but Leonardo knocks it down and sends him out to be bait.  Mike does as told but is not happy about it.  After letting Mike run for a bit, Leo finally comes up with a plan.  Leo’s plan fails as Mikey tries his own plan.  At first it looks like it’s going to work, but the wasp is okay and goes after Leo.  The wasp dies as it stings Leonardo and looses it’s stinger.  As Donatello is looking over the stinger talking about the mutant wasp, Leo finds an egg.  Michelangelo goes to destroy it and is stopped by Leo.  Leo has them take the egg home to be studied.

I can totally understand why Mike did what he did here.  He keeps being used, he tried giving an idea that Leo would not even hear.  He’s sent out to run from the wasp, only to keep running and running.  He falls and no one comes out to help him.  So yes, he tried to take things into his own hands.  Too bad it went so badly for the others.  I would love to see an episode where Mikey can do what he wants to do without it going bad.

Back at the lair Leonardo is being over protective of the egg.  The other three Turtles catch onto this as they realize they need to get Leo away from the egg.  Trying different ideas to grab his attention from pizza, Space Heroes to his favorite comic book the group fail.  Raph decides he is going after the egg that night. Once Raph goes into to get the egg he fights Leo.  Leonardo wins as he gets a bite in on Raph, infecting him.

This is setting up how much control this poison has on Leonardo.  Showing that no matter what Leo is not dropping his guard over the egg.  My favorite distraction that they try is the one with Michelangelo using Leo’s comic book as toilet paper.  As a collector I can totally understand why Leo would normally flip out over a threat like that.  That was a good fight between Raph and Leo too, when I saw Raph trap Leo’s sword I almost thought they were going to snap it like what happened in the 2007 movie.  Instead we watch Leo’s sword get thrown.  I think it would've been good to see it get snapped.  Don’s bo staff breaks all the time, so Leo’s swords should be allowed to break too.

Michelangelo and Donatello wake up to find that Raph is now under control watching the egg.  Leo and Raph goes to attack the two of them and they lock them in the lab.  Donatello does research on the wasp that stung them and finds that once the egg hatches the baby will eat whoever is guarding the egg.  Before they can work on a cure or anything Raph and Leo break out and goes after Don and Mike.  Don mentions during the fight that he wants the egg to find the cure, soon after saying that Mike hits Raph away from him and they catch Leo.  Raph is nowhere to be seen and he took the egg.   They get Leo in the lab with them as Don uses Leo’s blood to work on a cure, though Mike realizes Don has been bitten too.  When Don turns Mike goes to knock him out only to get bitten too. 

I like how Donatello is doing his research online and finding out things.  Instead of already knowing what he needs to know.  I also enjoyed watching this fight between the brothers.  Michelangelo and Donatello proving that when they need to win against Raphael and Leonardo, they can.  Even though they were bite, they did get Raph to leave and Leo all tied up.

With all four Turtles infected.  Splinter and April gone.  And only a matter of time before the egg hatches how will the Turtles get out of this?  Find out by watching this episode for some of the best scenes yet to come for this episode.  It’s a fun episode to watch.  It doesn’t seem to matter much where in the series it landed, hoping that later episodes will reflect on this so that it’s not just a filler but serves a purpose in Mikey’s growth.

Did you see Nickelodeon’s TMNT “Parasitica”?  Did you watch it on tv or online first?  This episode was aired in other countries back in June, so a lot of fans got to watch it online before it’s US airing this last weekend.  Please share reviews, comments and thoughts below.  

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ryanschroer's picture

I agree with you, Ivey. The long wait between episodes may kill interest in the series.

Leatherhead's picture

I think my favorite thing about this episode is how it ended. Michelangelo just did what he needed to do. It was cool to see him not need to get lucky, but rely on his own resources.

Donatello19's picture

Although  I'd like to hear your thoughts about how Mikey saves the day in the end.I did enjoy this episode though, it was great! The season is finale coming to an end...we've got "Operation: Breakout" this Saturday, and then the finale on August 8th. Have you seen the trailer for the finale? It looks so epic!