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When posting stories from the Words and Pictures Museum, the Turtles at MGM Studios and the 2009 TMNT Tour, I often hear people saying “I wish I knew about that” or “man that would've been cool to go too” and even “If only it was still around”.  These lines often haunt fans as the things they wish they could’ve done when it was there.  There are things going on right now, that will have that effect on fans in the future.  Like the Shell Shock Ride at Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America.  And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles events that take place at the Nickelodeon Resorts in Orlando Florida.  This summer is the “Summer of Shell” for the Nickelodeon Resorts, which is making it a prime focus for us here at Cowabunga Corner.  We will be sharing reviews through the summer from Retro weekend of the Resorts, events, shows and more.  This is my review of the Nickelodeon Resort.

Upon arriving at the Nickelodeon Resort I saw large images of my favorite Nickelodeon characters all over the building, the front door even has the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right on them.  The lobby is a nice size with a large check in desk and a customer service desk.  There’s an area to the side of the lobby with games for kids to play, an ATM and the hall that leads back to the rooms and so much more.  I was staying there with Fugitoid, Leatherhead and Miki.  We were placed in building 11, which was right near the big pool.

The big pool has so much to offer for it, that I never truly got to do everything they had.  There was a mini golf course, a large water slide with many different slides, an area to get snacks and drinks, a hot tub, a stage for shows and it just keeps going.  The pool was almost always filled with happy people outside playing, and around 3 times a day a large bucket of slime would be poured out over the people who wanted to take part in mass sliming.  Something I am thrilled to say that I did do, and it was a lot of fun.

I grew up on Nickelodeon, been watching the series ever since Danger Mouse and Double Dare were new.  I’ve been there for many of their different tv series and cartoons.  Being slimed is one of the big things about Nickelodeon ever since Double Dare, and it was on my bucket list of things I wanted to happen in my lifetime.  The one thing that is truly different here is that this slime is very watered down.  For a real sliming you have to take part in one of the other events at the Nickelodeon Resort and they have a lot of them.  Including private sliming for a cost, and there’s playing the Live Double Dare game show.

Around the pool is rooms for the resort.  Seven floors of suites some with two and three bedrooms.  Most of which are themed after Nickelodeon characters.  With the choices of Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, the Fairly Odd Parents and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  TMNT  being the new room added to their list of themes people can ask for when booking their stay.  Each of the Elevators around the resort even had Nickelodeon character painted upon them.  Giving us that Nickelodeon touch. 

Of course the pool area had tons of Nickelodeon characters around as well.  Including a large Spongebob over the bucket that has the slime, a Leonard on the side of the slide, and many other characters.  These were great touches to remind everyone that this is the Nickelodeon Resorts.  A place where children and adults could have fun for a relaxing stay.

Beyond this section of the resort you take a walkway that connect you to the Nickelodeon Resorts Mall.  This walkway has areas to pose for photos, a nice view of the pond with Nickelodeon characters around it.  There’s wildlife living in their pond, some ducks, large Turtles and a swan.  We think it would be cool if they could name the Swan, as it does spend a lot of time right next to the walkway watching the people go by.

The Mall has a nice sized Food court, they got the NickTooks Cafe, Starbucks, Subway and my personal favorite Antonio's Pizzeria.  Antonio’s is totally Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed.  On the other side of Antonio’s is two gift shops, the Nickelodeon gift shop which has a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff from candy, shirts, toys, hats and even cake!  And the Universal gift shop that has a ton of Spongebob.  There is also a bar and the arcade.  Off to the side of the arcade is another “Guest Services” area that can help you with your needs for the hotel.

There are two cool things pass the gift shops.  This is Nick Studios and the 4D Theater.  In Nick Studios you get Double Dare Live, while the 4D theater has a bunch of different 4D movies you can watch from Ice Age to Spongebob.  A fun section for those who want to sit back and enjoy a show.  I did get the chance to see Double Dare live, with their host Brad.  Such a great show that I will do a review for it.

Beyond the Nickelodeon Mall there is another set of hotel rooms, with a different pool.  I was only in this area twice and have yet to explore.  As there was so much going on through the weekend.  I only wish I got to do everything that these resorts offers to their guests.  I will be sharing reviews of all that I did do, including my review of the resort suites, Double Dare, TMNT dinner, Spongebob breakfast, Antonio’s pizza, the TMNT Retro Q and A panels with Townsend Coleman, Barry Gordon, Rob Paulsen and Cam Clarke. Of course we’ll also have a review with video of the Nickelodeon Resorts “Turtle Power Pool Sideshow”. 

Most everyone working at the resort were friendly and very helpful.  A big shout out to Imane, for checking us in and helping when ever we needed.  To Juan and Maureen at Guest services for being very helpful in booking our events and going over the schedules with us so we could get to where we needed to be.  Thanks to our waiter, Chris, at the Nicktoons cafe, we had a total blast and hope you didn’t mind putting up with a table of adult crazed TMNT fans.  And a Thanks to Melissa from Antonio’s for suggesting the Foot dessert pizza, which had the awesome total price of $6.66.   There are so many others that need Thank yous as the staff at the Nickelodeon Resorts were top notch and professional.

My overall feel for the resort.  This place is a lot of fun, I would love to see Nickelodeon open a few more resorts in other locations for more fans to be able to take part in the fun.  The food, entertainment and staff was delightfully fun and knowledgeable about their jobs.  At the most what I would recommend for Nickelodeon Resorts is more theme to it!!  That’s right more!  The stairwells to have the orange splats on the walls, more Nicktoon characters around the pond, Nicktoon poolside toys, towels and swimsuits in the gift shop for all ages, TMNT dinners done nightly instead of limited nights and a Krusty Krabs connected to the food court.  They have a lot of great things going and potential to bring in so much more.  I can’t wait for my next trip to Florida, as I wish to return to the Nickelodeon Resorts. 

Have you stayed at the Nickelodeon Resorts?  Would you stay at the Nickelodeon Resorts?  If you have stayed there, share your thoughts about this vacation spot.  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below. 

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Donatello19's picture

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Did you happen to meet any of the turtles, or any Nickeldeon characters at all (the mascot suits) ?

Leatherhead's picture

We attended the character dinner and got to see all four turtles. We also said hi to April while passing them in the hall from the "Turtle Power!" poolside show. The characters were all fantastic and knew their stuff! I talked with raph about Slash, and Mikey about Leatherhead. Both of them responded with emotions like you'd expect them to! It was a total blast!

Donatello19's picture

Sounds awesome! (are you the same LH from the technodrome forums? I think you are but just making sure :P)

Leatherhead's picture

That would be me! :)