Review: Nickelodeon Resorts Suites

Cowabunga Corner is a hands on type of blog, so those who follow us know that we travel a lot.  Going to events, getting interviews, fan meet ups and so much more.  Getting to stay at different motels and hotels across the country.  I’ve seen my fair share of Days Inn and Hilton Hotels.  So I can be a bit of a nit pick when it comes to where I stay, staff and comfort makes or breaks a hotel for me.  And the main place of comfort has to come from the room itself.  This summer I stayed at the Nickelodeon Suite Resorts in Orlando, FL and this is my review of their Suites.

There is over 700 rooms to the Nickelodeon Suites Resorts.  With themed and none themed rooms.  From Dora, Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  When people check in they can request what theme they would like their room to be, and which part of the resort.  Rooms from $130 and up, with resort fees and even fees on where in the hotel your room is located.  If it’s near the main pool, there is an extra cost.  Rooms of different sizes are ready for people with small or large groups. 

As mentioned in my review of the Resort there is a lot this building has to offer.  In my honest opinion the cost of the room is the cost of getting into this resort for the huge packed fun adventures awaiting you.  So yes, the value of the room is good.  Because there’s more than a hotel room waiting for you at the cost.  So now comes the big question of how is the room space?  This is what I’m going to share, I’ve only seen the two bedroom suites, so I can’t share my thoughts on the other sizes that are there.

Now going into the resorts I have to say that I had pictured in my mind a theme room would have images through the entire room towards that theme.  The color would be a cool Nickelodeon white and orange theme, with the Nicktoon characters all around.  Making you feel like you’re walking into that world in some sort of cool way.  The ads for the resort even says “Mom and dad are totally Nick Kids too”.  The idea of a room being done up for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles put endless ideas in my head of how they could of done this, how creative the Nickelodeon Team is this is going to be great.

So my first reaction to a Nickelodeon Resort room was a bit of shock.  I went on a tour where I got to see the new TMNT theme suites, it was a two bedroom.  When the door opened I looked around in a bit of shock not seeing any Ninja Turtles in the living room space at all.  Then I got a peek at the kids room, where one wall has this totally awesome TMNT design.  So I made my way through to the adult room, only to see… nothing TMNT.  This got me to step back in a bit of shock, I asked Miki to get photos and stepped out of the room to take in the lack of decorations in the room. 

Personally this felt like a bit of a blow.  The only thing that made this a TMNT room was one image on the wall.  True it was a full wall.  Though the room with the images has children beds, the big awesome bed had no appeal to me at all with the room design.  As an adult who likes the idea of “Adults are nick kids too” I was hoping that the hotel reflected that.  At least in the living room would of been nice. 

Upon checking into the hotel all of the TMNT themed rooms were booked, so the Cowabunga Corner crew got a Fairly Odds Parents room.  This thankfully had more to it, but not much.  We had an image on the wall that leads towards the kid room.  The kid room had one large wall image, like the TMNT room did.  And that was it.  Wish I could say that the themes were amazing, but it felt like it was lacking a cool touch that they could of done with this fantastic idea.

Other than the lack of characters in the room, the room was good.  All three rooms have TVs, two flat screens and the kids room has an old tv set.  The only HDMI ready TV was the one in the adult room, as the TV in the living room has the back hidden away.  The adult room had the most comfortable bed, the kid room had a small bunk bed which was okay for sleeping on, and the living room had the pull out couch.  There was a desk and night stand in the adult room, along with a closet and next to the TV was a built in dresser.  The kid room had the bunk bed and the built in shelves and dresser.  As well as a list of rules for the kid room.

The bathroom was a great size, shower, sink, plenty of places to put your clothes so they don’t get wet on the floor and lots of towel space.  The living room had a small kitchen with it’s own sink, cabinets, and fridge.  A table, with chairs, with a couch and big chair for watching tv.  As well as the lamp with it’s own little table for the remote and such.  A nice room for a family with just about everything you really need. 

The Cowabunga Corner crew though is four adults, so we had to decide how to split the room.  I personally wanted the ONLY themed room in the suite, so Miki and I took the bunk beds.  Fugitoid got the adult room and Leatherhead took the fold out couch.  Making it so all the beds were used in the room.  I thought that these bunk beds might be hard to sleep on, since they were small.  Though found myself very comfortable, able to sleep without a problem all three nights in the room.  I did take the little lamp table and set it next to the bunk bed as a nightstand, since I had my laptop and phone I wanted plugged in.  I loved the built in shelves in the kid room, I put Ninja Turtle stuff all around the room, giving the living room and bedrooms more of a theme to them. 

The one weird thing for us was no door on the kid room.  There seems to be a law against them putting a door on the kid’s room.  I don’t mind sleeping with no door, though it did make it so I would have to go in the bathroom to change my clothes.  With how the bedrooms was set up, a door there would of been a bit annoying, so I’m okay with them not having it.  Just found that as a weird little fact about Orlando.   

The room was very clean, housekeeping came by everyday, everything in the room worked and front desk took care of all of our questions if we called down from our room.  I spent a lot more time hanging out in the room, than I normally would at an event and enjoyed that.  Making this a very pleasent stay. 

While I was disappointed about the lack of theme, and still feel that they can improve on that.  I do think that the rooms were well kept, the staff was very friendly, the beds were comfortable, and I slept great every night.  We even brought people back to our room after dinner one night to hang out.  I enjoyed my stay and will be happy to return anytime I come back down to Orlando.  A themed room is only a perk, it does not make or break the room.  Making this a totally awesome stay.

Have you stayed at the Nickelodeon Resorts Suites?  If yes, what is your thoughts on the room?  Was your theme everything you wanted out of it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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