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The new Nickelodeon series has been bringing forth a lot of characters that we know from the different medias of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  With characters like Metalhead to Pete the Pigeon, you never know who they’re going to introduce to us next.  Each very different from their original versions.  In the newest episode of TMNT, we are introduced to another one of these known characters, who has been previously seen in the Mirage Comics, Original Cartoon Series, Archie Comics and even the 4Kids Series!  He’s a big character with a few different versions of him out there, and many fans for each of his previous incarnations.  So fans be ready for Nickelodeon’s Leatherhead!  Here is my review of this new exciting episode of Nickelodeon’s TMNT.

This episode starts off with Leatherhead escaping from the Kraang, they are trying to get something he has away from him.  Though Leatherhead fights on as we see how easy he has at tearing these android bodies to pieces.  Leatherhead does take a hit, while hurt he is still able to fight and get away as he breaks free into New York City.

Nice intro, we don’t get a full feel for who Leatherhead is.  No words are exchanged, and we’re still able to see what is taking place here.  It’s clear the Kraang want their hands on whatever it is that Leatherhead has, and he intends to keep it away from them.

In the lair the Turtles are all relaxing as Michelangelo comes in the room introducing his newest creation the P shake, for pizza milk shake.  The other turtles do not take to it well as Leonardo turns on his favorite show.  We watch as Captain Ryan deals with a load of fuzzy creatures that seem to be all over his ship by sucking them out the air bay.  Raphael changes the channel on Leo where they see a news report about a Mutant reptile attacking a sewer worker down in the sewers.  Donatello spots the sewer tunnel number, and the turtles go to find out more about this mutant in hope to stop reporters from investigating the sewers.

I remain a big fan of seeing the guys relaxing, and personally love the P shake.  I’ve often pictured Mikey making a shake type drink out of pizza with other fixings, only wish that Mikey liked the flavor of his creation.  That would've been even better for me. I love the episode that Leo turns on of his show, which is a play on my favorite episode of the original Star Trek series “Trouble with Tribbles”, so it got me to laugh when I saw the tribble take offs.  The monsters in the sewers report kind of reminded me of “Bye Bye Fly” from the original cartoon series, where the Turtles saw a news report and had to check it out.  Of course that’s not the only time it happened, it’s just the one I think of the most.  This scene was fun a lot of fun and a good reason for the Turtles to go out and check in on what is going on.  Worse part was... while watching the news clip over - I don’t see the tunnel number... it’s only shown when Don rewinds the video.

At tunnel 281 the Turtles go in searching for this new mutant they heard about on the news only to stumble upon a big fight scene with the Kraang and Leatherhead.  The turtles first see this thing tearing the Kraang apart, though the Kraang start to get the upper hand and take Leatherhead down.  Michelangelo realizes that he needs help, but the other turtles do not trust him.  Not knowing if he’s more dangerous than the Kraang.  Mike races into battle, as his brothers follow him.  They take the Kraang down, and Mike protests leaving this new mutant behind.  His brothers help him bring Leatherhead back to the lair, against their better judgement.

Again a scene I just love!  One of my biggest gripes with the turtles lately is that they always assume that the big scarey thing fighting their enemy is a just as bad if not worse and join their enemy.  In “Mouser Attack” why did the turtles go after the mousers?  They were stealing from the purple dragon, not them.  In the 2007 TMNT Movie, why did the Turtles attack the Big Foot creature?  It was fighting the Foot clan!  There was no signs of being evil.  I hate how they’re predicting that just because it looks bad that it is something bad.  I still think that the Big Foot creature could of been good.  So when Michelangelo stood up and said “We got to help him” I cheered.  It’s a step forward for the guys to realize that just because something looks scary, does not mean that it’s bad.  And if it’s fighting your enemy, there’s more to it’s story.  The fight was well done, but the impact this scene had was more from Mikey standing up for what he felt was right.  Way to go Mikey!

Back at the lair the Turtles are wondering how Michelangelo talked them into bringing this mutant to their home.  Mike is sure he’ll be thankful, though when Leatherhead wakes up he attacks the Turtles, grabbing Donatello by the face.  Leonardo takes Leatherhead down with the same weapon that Don used against Pete the Pigeon in “The Gauntlet”.   Splinter comes out hearing the noise as the turtles fill him in on what’s going on, Splinter agrees with Mike’s choice to bring Leatherhead to the lair and tells Mike that his job is to make friends with this new mutant, he sends the other turtles to find the object that Leatherhead is protecting from the Kraang.

This is a great scene, as the other turtles get to hear Mike was right straight from Splinter.  I also like seeing Leatherhead fight the turtles and just how hard of a time they have against him.  Mike still standing up for Leatherhead even after he attacked them was a nice touch too, showing that Mike realizes there’s more to him than what everyone is seeing.  This also has one of my favorite lines from Splinter after Donatello asks if they’re going to chain Leatherhead up.

Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael are digging around the area where they found Leatherhead fighting the Kraang.  With no luck of finding this energy source they’re looking for.  Leonardo and Donatello realize the water.  As Donatello starts talking about why it may be hidden under water, Raphael hits him into the water.  Don realizes the pool is deeper than it looks and the brothers go searching the water.  While back at the lair Leatherhead is waking up and finds himself changed up.  Michelangelo starts talking with Leatherhead letting him know why he’s chained, and giving him some food.  Mike has the easy part, with talking.  Raph, Don and Leo find themselves up at the other end of this water only to find the location they came up at is filled with traps and they’re on the run.  Without knowing his brothers are in trouble, Mike continues his talk with Leatherhead, learning that his new friend does not have a name he takes the time to come up with the name Leatherhead for him.  This is when Mike asks about the attack when he first woke up, and learns about Leatherheads uncontrollable temper.  Mike makes a wise statement as Leatherhead realizes how smart Mike really is.

These are scenes helping the show move along, brief back and forth scenes.  Showing Mike breaking through with Leatherhead and making his new friend, a real friend.  While his brothers are having problems trying to find something that they do not even know anything about.  I love the character growth between Leatherhead and Mike.  It’s a strong scene with some really good interaction.  Mike is finally getting something he’s been wanting, a chance to reach out to someone new.  And I like how Leatherhead mentions his temper, this was something we saw a bit of in the 4Kids series like the episode “Hunted” where Leatherhead’s nightmares gets him to almost hurt Michelangelo.  While he reminds me a bit of the Mirage and 4Kids Leatherhead, he has his own twist to him that has me wanting to learn more.

The other Turtles run their way through Leatherhead’s traps and find a wall.  Don somehow knows which bricks to press and finds what they’re looking for behind that wall.  It looks like a crystal in a canister, when Don tests it he gets shocked really bad.  He explains to his brothers that this thing is very powerful and can power just about anything from a flashlight a city on the moon.  As they get to the water, Don realizes that he’s going to be the one to carry this high powered thing through the water.  Raph teases him a little and then pushes him into the water.

Don is having a really hard episode with how much he’s getting hurt.  I am not a fan when it comes down to electric shocks, which has been used in this episode a lot.  The Kraang taking down Leatherhead, Leonardo taking down Leatherhead and now Don testing this thing.  One thing I have noticed on this outing is how much of a goofy mood Raph is in.  Finding a soup can and asking if that was, hitting Don and Leo into the water the first time around, giving Raph the fear of being shocked, then hitting him into the water without fear of Don being hurt.  Without Mike around, does Raph feel he’s gotta make up for the funny one not being there?  I did find those scenes fun, though curious as to why he was in such a good mood.

When the turtles get home, they find out that Michelangelo has let Leatherhead off of his chain.  Mike tries to get his brothers to talk to Leatherhead, and has to calm him down a few times because of the Kraang being mentioned.  Leatherhead’s real breaking point came when Donatello asked him about the thing they found which was hidden.  Another big fight between Leatherhead and the turtles break out.  During this fight Splinter arrives in time to see Leatherhead going after Michelangelo and for the first time in the series joins into a fight. Once he wins the fight he tells Leatherhead to get out, so Leatherhead grabs his energy device and runs out of the lair.  Which is when the others realize that Mike is missing, knowing he must of gone after Leatherhead.

This is a great fight, they showed parts of this fight during the TMNT Panel at New York City Comic Con.  Once again we get to see Leatherhead’s strength, though this time we also got to see Splinter’s skills.  I liked how the fight scene lead up, they realized he was hard to talk to before the battle started and each time his temper got worse.  Yet the Turtles still tried to work at figuring things out.  Knowing that whatever they found is being hunted by the Kraang.  And still Mikey cares for his new friend, even though he just attacked the family.

Michelangelo follows Leatherhead to get him to talk about why he attacked the full family.  Leatherhead reminds Mike of his temper as the other turtles arrive.  Leatherhead is finally ready to share his story as he tells of his life before being a mutant, how after losing that life the Kraang took him and tested on him.  Giving us the time frame that it was six months ago, and also about the energy force being the only way the Kraang can get their portal open for their dimension.  Though as he’s telling this story the Kraang show up for the final battle.

It’s a great backstory, growth to his characters and why he hates the Kraang so much.  It’s the key to the turtles learning how the Kraang got to Earth.  And the point where the other turtles can realize that Leatherhead is truly on their side.  I personally think this was a great way to share his story and like how they held this so long into the episode, leaving us guessing as to what Leatherhead is up too and how he’s tide in.

Like normal I’ll leave my thoughts on the final of fight off of this review.  If you want to know how this battle goes down, what new ride the turtles get from this adventure, and what happens with Leatherhead then find and watch this episode for yourself.  It’s a great episode and has landed itself up in my top three favorites, along side with “The Gauntlet” and “New Friend, Old Enemy”.   The character growth episodes are just as important as the plot moving episodes.  And while the plot did not move too far here, we learned more about the Kraang than we have in awhile.  So for me this was very fulfilling.

Sadly they seem to be going into their break on the 12th episode, instead of the 13th episode.  This upcoming weekend we’ll be seeing “New Friend, Old Enemy” in the United States rerun.  Not sure what other countries will be getting this weekend.  Episode 13 is one I am looking forward too as it has the Rat King, titled “I, Monster” or in some countries it will be called “Rat Trap”.   I can not wait for the new series to begin.

Did you see “It Came From the Depths”?  What is your thoughts on this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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