Review: Nickelodeon TMNT Miniature Golf

There is a lot of cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff coming out for summer play. With Bubble Launchers, flying discs, and beach balls. Kids of all type can find something cool to entertain themselves from outdoor fun toys to indoor games. With the summer sun being out, it’s good to spend some time outside with friends. And a good game that kids can play is golf. One of the newest things I’ve found is a TMNT Miniature Golf Course.

This Miniature TMNT Golf Course was found at Family Dollar for only $5. It comes with 2 Clubs, 2 Balls, 3 Targets and 3 Target Holders. The Golf Clubs have 2 TMNT stickers each, the pink one has a Michelangelo and Donatello sticker on it. While the Green club has a Michelangelo and Leonardo sticker on it. The targets have one Turtle per a target. The green one has Leonardo, purple one has Michelangelo and the blue one has Raphael. There is a green and blue ball.

The packaging has the golf clubs tied onto the backboard, the targets and balls are under a plastic cover. On the front there is an image of a kid playing golf with the set. It says “Create your own miniature golf course” and “indoor & outdoor”. On the back they have that same image blown up big, a list of what’s in the set and the instructions for the target setup. It’s made by “What Kids Want”. Simple packaging for a fun summer toy.

This looks like a fun set. I personally have not played Golf much in my life, though I remember when I was young we had a neighbor who was trying to teach it to us. He enjoyed golf a lot. Personally I am keeping this in package for the collection, as I don’t see myself playing a lot of golf. Though I do recommend it for anyone with little kids. It’s a fun set, at a good price. The images used is the normal TMNT images we see on merchandise for the Nickelodeon series.

Do you have the Miniature TMNT Golf Course? If so what is your thoughts? Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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I wish they'd include some more characters on these kind of products instead of just the turtles.

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wheres the delorean cuz mike just posted from the future!  check your blog guys its leaking out future articles  spoilers people... literally spoilers o_O and pink club? lolzzz its purple.

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Had to move an article ahead of when we had scheduled it and ooops... the system kept the original schedule date.   This is the actual article for today.Though, having a time machine would be cool. But only if it's a TARDIS.  ;)