Review Nickelodeon TMNT "Panic in the Sewers"

Shredder has shown himself to the Turtles!  The Turtles survived that first battle!  And now Shredder has two mutants working for him.  Nickelodeon has been serving up some amazing TMNT action!  Their fight scenes are as promised, fully packed with action and comedy, and while the characters are light hearted at times the plot is thick.  So after spoiling us last week with three packed adventures all in one episode, how are they to follow that?  Well the new episode, which was originally listed on Wikipedia as “Mojo Rising” is now titled “Panic in the Sewers”.   Does the title really fit what we see in the episode?   Here’s my thoughts on Nickelodeon’s newest adventure for the Turtles.

The Turtles are out on the street, Leo is aware the Shredder is searching for them.  Don is going into one of his smart rants.  Mike encourages for his off button to be found... just as Shredder arrives and the Turtles are no match for them.  One by one the Turtles fall, as Splinter wakes up with this fear.  His sons are not ready to face the Shredder.  Finding the Turtles heading out he stops them, placing the order of no going out, no games and no rest.  Only training.  Beating a fear into the Turtles that they are not ready.

This was an interesting start, when the Shredder found them I caught on that it was a dream.  But the trick for me was who’s dream.  I thought for sure this would be Leonardo’s dream.  It reminded me of the beginning “Take me to Your Leader” from the original cartoon series.  So when we found out it was Splinter they really did take me by surprised.  It was also nice to see Splinter be the one to freak out, showing he’s not perfect.  Even with all he’s learned.  He still has his fears, and reacts to them.

The Turtles are training hard, they’re worn out.  Not getting rest.  Though with Michelangelo passing out a few times, Splinter decides to let the Turtles have some rest.  Where each Turtle handles their down time differently.  Leo’s training, Raph’s with Spike, Don’s working on his newest toy, and Mike is armed with water balloons.  While April is off doing spying, as she delivered a bug pizza to the Purple Dragons.

This was a fun scene, after last week’s episode "The Gauntlet", had the Turtles all out on missions for most of the episode.  It was nice to see a bit of them doing things they enjoyed.  From Leo’s TV show, Raph’s pet, Mike joking and Don being creative.  I love these small touches to the show.  I am curious though, what got April to decide to spy on the Purple Dragons?  Was she trying to find a way to get the guys out of hiding?  We don’t see her reaction to them being grounded to the lair.  So seeing her heading into danger to deliver a fake pizza has me wondering what inspired her to do so?  Besides for moving the story along.

Leonardo is trying to get his brothers to train with him.  As each of them express their worries and fears about the Shredder.  Leonardo says they will remain down there till they are ready, but April comes in with her news from spying on the Purple Dragons.  She has a recording of the Purple Dragon’s meeting saying that Shredder has a way to Destroy the Turtles.  He knows they live in the sewers, and says that’s all he needs to know to destroy them.  The Turtles realize they need to learn more, which means going top side.

It’s nice to know how they got their information.  Though I’m surprised the Purple Dragons did not find April’s bug with how big that device was on the bottom of the pizza box.  This does work though, forcing the guys to leave, to protect their home.  So it’s a nice way to move the plot along.  The show would get boring if they never leave the sewer.

The Turtles follow the purple Dragons to where the meeting is going on with Shredder.  At this point each of them are scared.  They are snapping at each other, which brings the attention of Shredder’s newest guard dog, Chris Bradford in his new Mutant shape.  A fight happens between the Turtles and Chris, in which the Turtles lost and had to run.  Once home they are feeling very defeated as Michelangelo nicknames Chris, Dogpound.  Don brings up finding a new Hiding space April jumps in, saying she wants to do the spying for them.  While they all disagree to this plan, April convinces them to let her do this.

I find the fight with Dogpound went so much better than I could've expected.  When I saw the toy I did not know what to make of him, he did not look nearly as threatening to me.  And I was not looking forward to this mutation at all.  Though he’s so much taller, and stronger.  And what is with the rock in his mutation?  I would love to see some down time of Dogpound and Fishface’s feelings about their mutations, so it was a little disappointing that this is our first real look at him as a mutant.  We at least know it’s been weeks, so he’s had time to train as a Mutant and learn his new tricks.

With the Turtles I enjoy the fact that the fear is affecting how they fight.  They’re messing up because of fears that has been pounded into them by Splinter for weeks and now they’re stuck going out to face those fears.  The talk right before Dogpound showed up, all the way to Michelangelo and Raphael not being able to set of their smoke bombs was a great show at how much fear can mess up one’s thinking.  It was really some good touches and made for the fight to be more believable... well as believable as one can get with a fight containing four mutant Turtles and a mutant dog.  After the fight the fear stays with the Turtles even when they’re home, as April has to stand up.  I do like how all of the guys were against it, and her way of talking them down.  Knowing how dangerous it is for her to go, but also knowing how dangerous it is for them to be in the dark.

April goes up to the Foot base trying her pizza delivery trick again.  This time it does not work, as the Turtles are watching from a rooftop.  April decides to try a different trick as she gets to the roof of the next building over and jumps to the Foot building, going in a broken window.  Using her phone she sets it for the Turtles to hear.  Though the Turtles fear causes them to overreact to stuff and not hear the phone call.  Don wants to get April out, but Leo holds him back to let her get out on her own.

I like Michelangelo’s reactions about the pizza here.  As he doesn’t want the Foot to have it, relieved they still have the pizza, then the shock of it going into the trash.  I really love that April’s phone has a picture of ‘Captain Ryan’ for his photo.  Though I’m wondering why she would have ‘turtle’ even mentioned on there, if an enemy gets her phone and reads first turtle under Leo’s photo, they may get the hint that is a target.  I did find her school ID amusing, getting to see her school name and ID number.  I found the last two digits fun, 84.  Though I’m not sure about April standing near the building and being able to spot a broken window that high up, and I know I could not jump like that.  The turtle’s reaction was still working off of their fear, I am just happy that it was not Mikey’s fault they did not hear the call.

We see Dogpound leave with Foot and Purple Dragon members.  April wants to keep up with them, though she’s talking on her phone and Dogpound hears that.  Even though Leo yells for April to run, it’s too late and she is caught.  Leonardo begins to freak out, as Raph quotes a line from Leonardo’s favorite cartoon series.  This snaps Leonardo out of it, to where he comes up with a plan to catch up to Dogpound and crew.  Using the go carts that Donatello was working on at the beginning of the show.  Which Don reminds them often is not ready.

April is not the brightest about following people.  She’s in training, yet she’s using a loud phone to talk with the guys.  She should have an ear bud so it’s not as loud.  There was a nice thing we first saw in the 4Kids “Return to New York” episodes, wireless headsets connected to the Shell Cell.  April should look into blue tooth.  She should also run when told too.  Though I do love Leonardo’s freakout and Raph’s way of handling it.  Raph was the first one to cover come this fear they had, and it’s good he thought of a way to snap Leo out of it.  I was very amused by it.  With the Turtles new ride, interesting... but once again the streets were too empty.. even for night time in New York.  I do love Mikey’s pilot hat though, it’s my favorite of the helmets that the Turtles had on.

Now of course is the main fight where the Turtles need to stop Dogpound from dumping a dangerous chemical into the sewers.  Though like normal I do not want to post all the spoilers here on how the last battle goes.  I will say to watching for the disappearing duc tape.

A few notes about this episode... I searched and searched and to my disappointment they did not finish the MWS, I did not find a Swenson in the episode.  After “Never say Xever” and “The Gauntlet” had the M and W, I was really hoping that Nickelodeon would make it a three in a row thing.  Though they did have something else three in a row, the same store keeper design.  Played by two different people so far.  Andrew Kishno did the voice in “Never say Xever” and this week’s episode, then Rob Paulsen did the slight noises he made in “The Gauntlet”.  I hope they make some other character designs, so we don’t keep getting the same people in different spots to move the plot along.

I hope everyone enjoyed this episode as much as I did.  So many questions about characters and plot twists still remain.  While there’s still plenty of new and old characters to show their faces in this show.  Ciro and crew are keeping this show fresh and a ton of fun.  I can not wait to see what they do next!

Have you watched “Panic in the Sewers”, if so what is your thoughts?  All Reviews, Comments, and Questions are welcomed below!

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