Review: Nickelodeon TMNT Toys!

On the evening of July 3rd, I got a message on Facebook from PangGo asking if I've seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys and how they're being found at Toys R Us.  This news was a bit of a shock for me, as we've been told we won't see them until August.  Though it was too late in the evening to run out to Toys R Us.   So on July 4th I went to Toys R Us.  At this time, I am on a road trip as we're making our way to San Diego for Comic Con International.  So the Toys R Us I went to is in Mesa, AZ.   When I first got in, I started to run up and down the action figure aisles passing the top of the line at this time, which seems to be Spiderman and even going into an area where I started to think they would not be.  Though I saw the purple packaging.  The rumors were true, the toys are at the stores!

I was lucky with this find as I was able to grab up all Four Turtles, Splinter, April, Shredder, The Foot Soldier and The Kraang!  All nine action figures were there as well as the Shellraiser, Ninja Stealth Bike, Rippin Rider, Ninja Combat Gear Michelangelo, Ninja Combat Gear Donatello, and Ninja Combat Gear Raphael.  I searched for the new Secret Sewer Lair Playset and Leonardo Electronic Stealth Sword though they were not there.  I knew traveling in a VW bug was tough on Miki and I, so I had to try and hold back from getting everything.  I picked up all nine action figures, grabbing doubles of the four Turtles.  This here was to be my buy for the day, coming close to $130 in Turtle toys, with each action figure $8.99.

Once I got in the car, I went to open the toys starting with the Michelangelo packaging and then I decided not to finish taking him out of package until I got on camera.  So here is the video footage of me opening and giving a short review of each of the four Turtles.


Since I shot this video, I have looked a bit closer at each Turtles.  While the belts originally looked like they may be able to come off these are not made to come off.  Each belt is connected under the Turtle's left arm and looks to be glued down as they are not removable.  What I do like about the belts are that Leo and Don both have parts on them that are colored.  I do not like that Leo's holsters come off so easily though.  That is going to be something easy to lose.  While holsters in the past have come off of Leo, they were connected better than this.  All the weapons are easy in and out of the belts, so over all these belts are good.

As I kept going over the differences between the Turtles I noticed another change with these Turtles, the front plastron is soft, so you can bend it.  Once bending the Turtle's legs, you see the lower plastron can bend upward.  If you try you can bend the upper part of the plastron and see a bit of how it's connected onto the Turtle.  I'm not a big fan of soft plastrons since I feel Turtles don't normally bend at their plastrons, though I'm noticing both IDW and the new Nickelodeon series seems to be making them soft.

The three toes do not trouble me too much.  I can kinda see how they work out.  I know a lot of fans are in uproar over a third toe.  The feet seem to all have the same molds.  Though if you look closely they are all different.  This is just to show the detail that they did not use the same molds for these Turtles.  Each Turtle is their own stand alone and is a great compliment to Varner Studios for doing a wonderful job on that.

The Turtles weapon racks are all full of different weapons.  None of them have the same weapon, which is different from the old original toys were you got the same racks with each Turtle.  Raphael's is the one that confuses me the most.  What's with the half sais?  Donatello's is the coolest one.  I'd like to break off the weapons from the rack and get a closer look at them, though since I am traveling I feel they would be better to stay together like this until I get them home.

One last thing I want to comment on is the angry faces.  Even in all the promo pictures of Michelangelo for the new show, he’s goofing off with a smile on his face.  All of these toys of the Turtles look like they’re mad.  Not sure why they went with this, though sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxed or happy expression on a Turtle.  I love the expressions on the Neca toys, it’s a good example that we don’t always need upset looking Turtles.

I'm going to review the other five toys from within their boxes soon on Cowabunga Corner!  Though I hope everyone likes this review and gets information they were looking for from here.

Do you have the new toys yet?  Where did you find yours?  Please feel free to share reviews, comments and questions below!


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