Review: NickTurtles Electronic Watch

Today we're going to take a look at an electronic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watch. This is a watch that I found at Old Navy, It is able to fit both kids and adults. The body of the watch is made of silicon rubber with 2D artwork of the four turtles on the band. The casing features a printed logo for the Nickelodeon series.

What makes this watch unique and interesting is the hidden digital display. Pushing on the center of the face causes the hidden digital display to cycle and display the time for a couple of seconds, at which point it cycles again before disappearing.

My only problem with this watch is that the batteries appear to be non-replaceable. I checked the packaging and inspected the watch casing, but could not find a means to do so. There are no screws on the back and the band is well attached to the face. The printing on the case seems to hold up well, but I would still be careful with it.

Overall I recommend this watch as a fun piece of Nickelodeon TMNT memorabilia to own. The batteries are non replaceable, but for around 10.00 it's well worth it while it lasts.

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Goy myself an electronic watch, also. Doesn't come with the digital clock cycle, but instead it illuminates a wide-variety of colors that make it vibrant and special in their own way. I would say that this is actually pretty awesome for the ditial clock and 2D artwork. Personally, I favor that than to the CG art sometimes.It does look like it could hold up well on itself for a long-time, and for $10.00, that should be good, too!  x3 

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I like seeing the products that take it a step further than simply what it's supposed to be.