Review: Operation Breakout

In the first episode of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they set up the story line that April’s father, Kirby O’Neil is kidnapped by the Krang and the Turtles have to save him.  Only showing him in a few episodes we have gone almost all the way through the first season without Kirby O’Neil being rescued.  With the season finally around the corner we are now getting to touch base with that storyline as Donatello finds himself on a mission to save Kirby.  Here is my review of Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode 24 “Operation: Break Out”.

The episode starts off in the training room, as Splinter has Donatello Raphael sparring.  April is sitting with Michelangelo and Leonardo.  After some smack talk, Don starts off good to show off in front of April.  Though when he lets his guard down Raphael takes him to the ground.  Donatello is embarrassed by this and when he brings it up on their way out of the training room, Raph throws it in Don’s face that he doesn’t have a shot with April.

It was cool to see Don finally take Raphael down in training.  It’s a shame that Don was not able to finish the job, though clearly was a big part of the motive for the episode that was still to come.  One thing that gets me, is that we see Raphael’s sais go flying from him.  Though he got them back really fast when turning Donatello into a puppet.

In the living room April finds a weird noise on her computer.  The Turtles come up as Donatello realizes it’s a secret message she got in her email.  He stays up and cracks the message finding out that it’s Kirby. Don thinks about getting the others, but remembers how Raph treated him and decides to do this mission alone. 

As most shows prove... it’s normally a bad idea for a solo mission.  Not a smart choice on Donatello’s plan at all.  Though what troubles me here is, how do they think that Kirby would of been able to send April an email?  Even coded up like that, we have not seen Kirby with many computers when we do see him.  I just think that if the Kraang would ever let Kirby near a computer they would not take their eyes off of him.  No one seemed to question this in the series.

When the other Turtles wake up Leonardo is the first to notice Donatello is gone.  When he asks the others if they’ve seen Donatello, Michelangelo shares a little of his dream that he had.  The Turtles make their way into Don’s lab and find the message about April’s dad.  When they hear it, April gets the message as well. 

Why don’t the Turtles have their own bedrooms?  They were all sleeping in the living room.  This reminds me of the Next Mutation series where the Turtles did not have their own areas.  I liked how in the other series the Turtles had their own sections.  Don’s got a lab at least, you’d think if he didn’t have a room he’d set up a bed in there.  I really liked the artwork from Michelangelo’s dream and just the dream in general was fun. 

Donatello goes off and finds the building that was given in the message.  He takes down one Kraang kind of easy.  Once he’s taking time to be proud of his actions he’s attacked by more Kraang. 

I love Don’s reaction being shot at after he took down the first Kraang.  I am wondering if the name of this shop has some sort of an inside joke.  I haven’t had time to think about it, but they show it a few times and I know they like to toss jokes into the names of things in this series. 

On the roof tops the other Turtles are running to try and catch up with Donatello.  Leonardo is confused on why Donatello would try to rescue Kirby by himself.  Raphael confesses that he told Don that he had no shot with April.  Both Leonardo and Michelangelo get after Raph for doing that.

I really like how Leo and Mike stand up for Don here.  Mikey’s line about the heart being a soft muscle is great.  A good way to get through to him.  Very well done scene.

While trying to avoid getting hit by their blasters Donatello gets near a car.   He looks out as the Kraang blast more at him, a control panel gets hit by the blaster.  Don and the car go deep into the ground.

Donny is deff getting himself in over his head.  I do like all the cars they have fit into this shop and that there is a taxi near him.  That’s one of the things you see a lot of in NYC. 

In the lair Splinter is working with training April’s mind.  Though while having her listen to the silence she ends up hearing something that he does not hear.  When she starts to follow this sound, she loses Splinter and wanders off on her own.

I know April has some gift in this show.  Though sometimes she can be very stupid with her actions.  Taking off without Splinter for a noise she does not fully understand yet.  It does surprise me that Splinter could not hear her move away from him.  She’s not that well trained yet and is distracted by trying to follow a sound.  Splinter should of been able to follow.

Back with Donatello he’s now in an underground Kraang base.  He sees a Kraang comes through a secure door and takes the Kraang out.  Once he gets in, he finds the controls to open the cel doors.  He gets them open.  An alien escapes from one of the opened doors and goes taking out some Kraang.  It gets some weapons and dresses up.

It’s clear that the new alien is a threat that the Kraang have fought before.  It had weapons that were made to fit and knew how to use the weapon.  I’m really curious what his backstory is.  Though I do love what it does with the Kraang.    What a great intro for this new character.

The other Turtles get to the Garage and head in realizing Donatello has gone in.  While Donatello finds Kirby and goes to lead him out.  They are attacked by the alien who escaped.  Don names the alien Newtralizer as they work at trying to get away from it.  He asks Kirby to not let Mike know that he named it.

I love the touch of how the name went down.  From what we see here, the Newtralizer does not seem like a friend.  As he is trying to take out both Don and Kirby.  I love how this is a character created by Ciro Nieli when he was a kid, a fan of the Turtles and now this character is in the series.  I can’t wait to see more character growth from him.

The other Turtles find their way into the Kraang base and the real fight starts to take place.  Though to find out what happened there I recommend watching the cartoon.  This was a fun episode with a lot of great jokes and character growth.  We get to see April finding a new skill, Donatello and Kirby getting along, and the Newtralizer on the hunt.  All the while the Kraang is sitting back happy about this jailbreak. 

I really enjoyed this episode beginning to end.  Some great funny Raph moments near the end.  This is totally setting things up for the season finally.  This has got me hyped up for the end of Season 1. 

Have you seen “Operation: Break Out”?  What is your thought of this episode?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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Leatherhead's picture

I've been anticipating this character's debut for some time, and this episode did not disappoint! Operation: Breakout has actually become one of my favorites! The Newtralizer was awesome, and his real life backstory of being Ciro's childhood creation makes him even cooler! I'm looking forward to learning more about him and hearing him speak.

Donatello19's picture

Hey, so you know how Kirby was acting weird in this episode? Well I know why. In some shots (if you look closely, it's a blink and you'll miss it kind of thing) you can see a robotic chip attached to the back of Kirby's neck. I think it's some kind of mind control device used by the Kraang. Also how you said no one questioned how Kirby sent the message, that's becaus it was a trap by the Kraang. The Kraang evn say the plan is going according to plan. So what I think is that Kirby, chipped by the Kraang, was PLANNED to be rescued by the turtles and brought into their lair so that he could capture April for them. After all, we see Kirby and Mikey fighting in the trailer for the season finale. What do you think?

Michele Ivey's picture

I agree that the Kraang set up this trap... wasn't going into that since it's spoils the end of the episode....  it was painted really clear that this is the trap. When I mention though that no one takes notice of how Kirby could of got this message, I meant the Turtles, Splinter and April.  They don't question how Kirby got the message out at all.  While the Kraang are well aware of what happened and would not question this.  The good guys did not put much thought into message itself.

Donatello19's picture

I agree, but I think that maybe the heroes were a little overwhelmed by it. It was late at night when Donnie saw it, and he was probably just extremely excited at the fact that he could save April's dad and impress her.So, did you notice the chip on Kirby? What are your thoughts on that?

ryanschroer's picture

But, they know Kirby has been kidnapped by the Kraang and want April. You notice that the Turtles never ask why in most of their advrntures. They just deal with what's in front of them. They've already figured out a lot about the Kraang and need to find out more. They know the Kraang would use him as bait sometime. It's really the only card they've got to lure the Turtles out and deal with them. I had been expecting this all season. How many times was April used as bait in the '87 series to draw them out of hiding?