Review: OS TMNT Season 3 DVD

When Lionsgate started releasing the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, they released the series in Volumes.  While Seasons 1 and 2 got to be released in full, Season 3 was split into different DVDs since it was so large.  Though when the DVDs kept selling they started to release Season sets.  With lots of people collecting the DVDs as they come out, some were confused on the season order of how this all came into play.  After releasing their Series Box set last year, Lionsgate has decided to go back and fix the mix up on Season 3 for all those that bought the dvds over time by now releasing season 3 as it’s on DVD set.  A 4 Disk set that has 47 episodes from the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.  Here is my review of this DVD release.

The DVD set comes in a DVD case that almost looks like it’s one disk.  This is nice, if you’re working to keep order with your DVDs in a DVD shelf.  I personally like the size of the case.  My DVDs are safe and not taking much room, while having a lot of wonderful episodes on it.  Also easy to bring to friend’s houses.  This was a feature I don’t care for much with the TMNT van set, it looks great but the DVDs are not safe in it, esp for travel.  They try to fall out and the top of the van comes off so easy that if it is dropped for any reason like rolling off of the shelf you have it on, the DVDs are all over the floor.

The artwork on the cover is based on the original cartoon style, though is not original art from the 90’s.  I personally think it would be cool if people would use original art from back in the day for products based on the old artwork.  With all the animation cels so easy to find and get a hold of, there is original art for the cartoon that could be put together for DVD cases.  And screen caps are just as easy to get.  I do like the art they did for the back cover of Splinter based right out of Season 1 when Splinter first finds the Technodrome.  It’s well done.  Though why is art based on season 1 the back of Season 3 DVD case? 

Speaking of Season 3 there is so many great episodes in this season of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  On the first disk you have one of my favorite episodes “Turtles on Trial” where the TMNT go on a talk show to try and prove to the world that they are not the bad guys.  And crazy episodes like “Sky Turtles” where all the buildings go up into the sky.  I remember that was on a VHS I got from the Burger Kings Kids meal back in the early 90’s.  It’s cool to see these episodes released in an easy packaging to bring around.

Like most DVDs there are ads on them.  Each of the things they show is new CGI things you can get on video including another 80’s series being redone again, Inspector Gadget.  There is different ads on the DVDs, so you don’t sit through the same ones all the time.  The nice thing with the ads is that you can hit your DVD menu button and be able to skip them.  There’s a total of three ads, so they’re not long to sit through if you’re just turning on the DVD without a remote nearby. 

I’m happy that they released Season 3 like this.  Instead of carrying all the Volume cases around, it’s something to enjoy.  And much more affordable than picking up the Turtle Van box set.  While the van is cool with a lot of great things to it.  While there’s not any bonus features the price is worth it with around 19 hours of viewing TMNT fun.  I do recommend this for TMNT fans as a good buy.

Do you collect the DVDs?  Did you buy each of the Volumes when they originally came out?  Will you pick up the new TMNT Season 3 DVD?   Please share reviews, comments and questions below.


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