Review: Paint and Pixel Festival 2012

There are some events I go too which are not really planned out.  For weeks I was planning to spend October 20th and 21st in Rhode Island for the Yu-Gi-Oh event.  Though during a visit to Northampton, MA with a few friends we learned of another event.  As Tokka and Fugitoid found a flyer in the Thrones Market for a local Art show.  The top of their Guest list, Peter Laird.  Going to be on the East Coast already, but I could not stay in Northampton.  We had to travel back down to New York City, I had to make the choice to spend the full weekend in Rhode Island or take Saturday for Northampton.  I made the wise choice of heading back up to Northampton.

Miki and I drove up to Northampton and parked right out front of the Paint and Pixel Festival.  Once there we went in and walked around seeing different artist set up through these two rooms.  A lot of really good art, most tables were selling their own stuff.  So you could talk with the artist and enjoy, while others had original art work pages for sale.  Including a few really cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pieces.

I did not take long to go over and see Peter Laird and Jim Lawson, both of which were very nice and good to talk too again.  I had a few things signed for myself, and Tokka since he could not make it to the event.  Though to my surprise this event changed from just coming to a show to a reunion of friends.  As a friend from long ago said hi to me.  Her son, is a big TMNT fan with a huge collection, so we know each other from the Words & Pictures Museum.  I have not seen her or her son since June 1999.  She was the first of a handful of people from the old Museum took a moment to say hi to Miki and I.   This event became so much more to me, because of these friends coming out of the wood works.

I also met a few viewers of Cowabunga Corner here.  So I spent the day hanging out and talking with people.  The Paint and Pixel Festival was a small fun event, to talk with those around you.  To see some really fun art work.  And have the chance to meet amazing folks.  I do recommend it's future events for fellow TMNT fans, for you never know who will show up at a local art show in Northampton, MA!

Did you go to the Paint and Pixel Festival?  If so please share any fun stories or memories here.  All Reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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