Review: Pirates Band of Misfits

With all sorts of CGI movies coming out these days, it’s a breath of fresh air to see an animated movie that is not CGI.  “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” is a great movie coming to theaters this Friday, full of laughs, adventure, and fun characters.  Originally this movie was titled “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists”, which made a lot more sense as these Pirates find themselves entering a Scientist of the Year contest.

The movie starts off on the ship of pirates that we’re following, so we can get to know the crew.  The captain, who goes by the name “The Pirate Captain”, is a fun guy that everyone in his crew loves, with a weird bird as their ship’s parrot.  He breaks up a fight with his men without being mean, but by reminding them the best thing about being a pirate is “Ham Night” as they all have a ham dinner, with some showmanship.  The crew look to be a fun one, but not the brightest.  He has his number two, who seems to be the real brains of the group.  Most of the crew was not given real names, a good example is the female in the group.  She wears a fake beard so no one knows that she’s a woman, her name in the credits is The Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate.  Though she is one of the main crew members that goes on the adventures with the captain.

At the Ham Dinner, the Pirate Captain lets his crew know he’s going out for “Pirate of the Year”, with no luck in the past he figures his luck has to turn around for the better.  They go to Blood Island to meet up with the other pirates and enter for Pirate of the Year.   Though once there, we see just how much better the other pirates are who are entering the contest.  The Pirate Captain does not really have a chance, though he goes off to prove that he is the Pirate of the Year.  With every boat they attack though, the more hope he looses of ever winning.  Then he comes across a ship with Charles Darwin.  Just as they’re about to have him walk the plank, Charles realizes that they have a living Dodo.  Charles tries to buy the dodo from them in hopes to bring it to the Science Fair and win “Scientist of the Year”.  The Pirate Captain gets the idea if he wins these riches, he could have booty to bring back and win “Pirate of the Year”.  So with Charles, his crew sets sails to London.

The pirates are lead through one event after another once they get to London, as the movie takes a few different turns that you do not see coming.  This makes for a fun film that any family can enjoy; full of comedy, action, and character twists.  Though it’s not just the script that makes for a great film, it’s the details done through the film.  The details in the sets and backgrounds are just amazing.  The Stop Motion and 3D work very well together.

This film was written by Gideon Defoe and directed by Peter Lord and Jeff Newitt.  Peter Lord is known for his directing work on “Chicken Run” and “Wallace & Gromit”. Jeff Newitt moved up from animation in “Chicken Run” to being one of the directors for “Pirates! Band of Misfits”.  Though Gideon Defoe is new to working on films, as his last writing credit was for a TV series called “Slacker Cats”.

The cast in the film is filled with a lot of names I don’t know, though a few names really stands out to me as an awesome actors.  David Tennant, best known for his role in Doctor Who, played the role of Charles Darwin in this movie.  A fun character through the film and has a monkey.  The two of them play not just a role in comedy, but move the story along nicely.   Another character with a voice I know is the Pirate with a Scarf, played by Martin Freeman.  Martin is Dr. Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes TV series, which has made it through their first two seasons.  A voice actress from “Puss In Boots” has a small character in the movie, a strong female pirate named Cutlass Liz, is played by the voice of Kitty Softpaws, Salma Hayek.   So the film has picked up some good talent for the voices of the characters.

While this is not my favorite movie of the year, it is one that I enjoyed and would sit and watch again if on.  I may even pick up the Blu-ray when it’s affordable.  I recommend it for people who like animated films like “Chicken Run” and “Wallace & Gromit”, to anyone who love detail in stop motion films, and people who just like a good laugh.  The movie will be in theaters on April 27th, 2012.

Have you seen “Pirates! Band of Misfits”?  What are your thoughts on the film?  Do you want to see it?  Please share thoughts, reviews and questions in the comment area below!  All email addresses are kept private.

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