Review: Playmates Toys Mix and Match Turtles


One thing fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can not get enough of is TMNT toys.  We have them coming out with all sorts of cool things for us to check out and collect.  One thing that came out this year which I was not too sure of at first is the Mix and Match Mutation TMNT toys.  Since I already have the characters, was this going to be a set of TMNT toys that I would want to add to my collection?  There was only one way to find out, pick some up and start checking them out for myself.  This is my review of the Mix and Match Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo toys.

Of course the video shows it all.  Opening of the toys, my reaction and my first few mutations.  I did not realize before opening the toys that I would personally have so much fun goofing off with these figures.  It brought me back to my childhood of goofing around with the Movie TMNT line, where we’d put Raph’s arms on Leo’s body.  I never thought of it having it’s own toy line, but the more I played with these toys the more I found myself enjoying this concept.

I do recommend the Mix and Match Mutations for all TMNT fans who collect the action figures.  These are worth checking out, and do hold a personality all to their own in the world of play.  While I love the details that are given in the original toy release, I find myself curious what Shredder’s head would look like on Michelangelo’s body.  Let’s find out together by checking out these toys.

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Do you have the Mix and Match Mutation Turtles?  If so what is your favorite mix up?  Please share mutation ideas below, as well as any reviews, comments and questions!


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