Review: Power Con 2013

Conventions are a great way to pass the time.  If you can find a con that covers something you enjoy, it becomes a pass time, a space for networking, learning and collecting.  Which is only a few of the reasons I highly encourage people to go to conventions.  Usually for me it’s running from one event to another in hopes to say hi to a few people along the way.  Power Con was no exception to that rule.  Being a guest did not make it any easier, as I had a booth to run and panels to host.  Here is a write up about Power Con.  Each panel that I went to will not only get their own write up, though the full panels will be uploaded with their reviews.

Before going to Power Con I had asked friends to help me with the Cowabunga Corner booth this year.  The crew for the booth was Miki and Fugitoid, Miki working cameras and helping with setup and takedown.  She was recently injured so did not want to put too much on her and wanted her to have time to rest when need be. Fugitoid was to help with setup, watching over the booth, and takedown.  I was allowed one more crew member, which I choose Cynlee, she helped with watching over the booth and takedown.  While only having three official crew members, I had a handful of other crew members who may not have been counted as such but deserve so much credit for their help.  LH aka Leatherhead, he helped with setup, carrying gear to and from panels, and watching the booth.  HamatoKameko helped with watching the booth and takedown.  zkarlette was the last one that I counted as a crew member, she helped watch over my collection while I’m out west and brought the collection to the convention for us.  Together this is the Cowabunga Corner of Power Con.  I am very Thankful to each of them for helping. 

I got to Power Con on Friday before we were allowed in.  LH helped get some of my heavy stuff out of the Turtle Bug, so that I could pick up Fugitoid from the airport.  When I returned, we put the gear in our hotel room.  Fugitoid, Miki, LH and his father joined me to Redball’s Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark.  This is a Friday event that Miki and I attend weekly while in LA.  A chance to rest and unwind before the weekend started with good music from the 70’s performed by Robbie Rist and friends.  I realized at Rock & Roll pizza that my voice was already strained and the convention has not even started.

Saturday morning was time for the real set up at the Cowabunga Corner booth.  Miki and Fugitoid were there to help me with this time.  We got the gear down to the booth and set up the best we could.  There was some display cases that I had planned to borrow from Steve Varner, though in all the chaos of the weeks before this event, I was not able to find time to contact him.  After getting the booth set up the convention opened and people started to come in.  The rest of the crew joined us. 

I took a little bit of time here to see what other tables there was.  Finding IDW Publishing, they had a lot of the new IDW TMNT Comic Books up for sale.  I found a ton of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys loose and in package through the dealer room.  My greatest toy find was a like new, TMNT Pizza Thrower for only $25!  There was a booth by Playmates showing the new TMNT toys that are still to come including a mutant squirrel, bat (there are rumors about this bat, not posting those spoilers here), and even the Spiderbytes toy.  One booth not far from them had animation cels on display, including some really cool ones from Thundercats.

Plenty of TMNT guests had tables as well, Jason Ybarra was right next to our table and on the other side we had Christian Lanz, with Greg Cipes on the other side.  Not far down was Felipe Smith, the character designer for the new Nickelodeon TMNT series.  My favorite of the guests tables goes to Francis Moss who had scripts, posters and character art for sale.  Really some impressive old school stuff for fans to buy.  If you’re interested in finding some of his stuff for sale check out his website:

Time was running short, so after getting a look around at the event I had to run up to the first TMNT panel.  Voices in TMNT.  We got into the panel and sat down with our cameras set up to record.  From that panel I went on to my first panel to host, which was the writers of the original TMNT cartoon series.  There was some problems at the beginning which worked itself out through the panel.  I wanted to stay for the next panel, which was the Nickelodeon Cartoon series, though I was called down to the booth for a little bit.  The pane was recorded and I made it back to watch the very end of the panel.  From there I went to the TMNT Toys panel, which was interesting as they had a great cast of people together on stage sharing their stories of working on TMNT.  This was the last panel that I attended on Saturday.

Returning to the booth the rest of the evening, Steve Varner and I have now got to talk and he went to get the display cases.  We got the table ready for the cases, and Leonardo’s head which was staying with Varner as well.  The booth looked so much better with the new setup.  I stayed around and got to talk a little with Christian next to us, till the convention closed.  Saying goodbye to those who were not staying at the hotel, we packed up the booth and went to our room and rested a little.  Later returning to the hotel bar to enjoy some of their special drinks for the convention including the Krang and Mutagen Ooze. 

The next morning we got set up and I went to make sure my guests have checked in for the panel.  LH and zkarlette could not make it for Sunday.  For my first panel of the day, Fugitoid took the booth while the rest of us headed up stairs.  Where we did the 4kids TMNT panel, it was titled the Turtles in 2000 though all the guests were from the 4Kids series.  It was good to see some friends that I have not seen in a long time.  After the panel I went back down to the main floor.  My voice was shot all the way now, so talking only when I needed to.

The booth was going good.  People were taking time to flip through the artwork we were sharing.  For a small donation people could get their picture taken with one or two movie props, such as the ooze canister, combat cold cuts or Raph’s samuria mask.  And we had the bigger props were kept in the display cases to keep them safe.  Some people would ask what the donations are for.  Donations are to help keep Cowabunga Corner going, this blog comes out of my own pocket as we travel, get things for reviews and do giveaways.  If people like what we do and want to help out, every little bit helps.  We spend half the year on the road gathering stories to share with the fandom from events to interviews.

Before going up to my panel, I took something to help my voice and headed up.  The last panel for the weekend was the IDW panel with Tom Waltz and Kenny Byerly, two really cool guys that I had the honor of knowing before this event.  We went up and did the panel, which turned out to be my favorite panel as everything was working for us.  After the panel we headed down and I got to do an interview with Cam Clarke.

Around this time the convention started to wrap up.  Sadly it was over as fast as it came, with so many new friends we had a great weekend.  I personally can not thank my crew enough for everything they did.  Fugitoid, Cynlee and Kameko held the booth down a lot for us as I had panels and running around to do.  LH was great with helping get things around on Saturday, with our camera bags and all.  Miki got a lot of really good photos and videos, and did so while still recovering from an injury she had only two weeks earlier.  Everyone worked hard and made this a fun weekend.  A big Thank you to Steve Varner for the use of the display cases!

The entire crew of Cowabunga Corner that came to Power Con are members of the TMNT-L forum.  So we will be sharing videos, photos and stories on the forum as well for anyone interested in seeing what’s to be said.  We will have more event reviews from other crew members, as well as panel coverage from each of the TMNT panels mentioned in this review.

Thank you to Power Con for having us as a part of the events! 

Did you go to Power Con?  If so please share your adventures with us!  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below!

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I had such an awesome time with everyone! This was definately my favorite convention i've been to. I got to meet so many awesome people... KamatoKameko, Fugitoid, Zkarlette, Christian, Ciro, Brandon, Irineo... I would be more than happy to help again next year!