Review: SideShow Collectibles Leonardo

What time is it? It’s Ninja Time!

Hey dudes and dudettes, Major-League Butt-Kicking is back in town! Oh yeah! He may not be my favorite of the terrapin bros., but Leonardo sure left an impression when he got the honor of being the first turtle we ever saw in live-action glory! Speaking of which, my name’s Leo! I’m back again to bring you my third review of SideShow Collectibles’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line of comiquettes. In case you haven’t guessed it, this iteration of my four-part series covers the Leader in Blue, Leonardo!

To start things off, I want to go ahead and make transparently clear that this is, in fact, my least favorite of SideShow’s turtles. I don’t like the pose, I don’t like the expression on his face, I don’t like the base, and I don’t like the way he’s holding his swords. But that is not to say that this isn’t an amazing piece of artwork. It’s beautifully crafted with amazing detail, lovely coloring and goes very well with the other three in the set. Any turtles fan would be proud to have him on display, and no collection is complete without this sturdy Team Captain. I’m just of the strong opinion that they could have picked a much simpler, much cooler, much less complicated overall pose, and the end result would have been much more appealing. But  that’s sewage beneath the shell, onto the review!

Leonardo does anything it takes to get his ninjas through, and it really shows in this sculpture! Of the four, he seems to be the only one who’s positioned as if he’s currently in some kind of battle, with one sword out in front of him, and the other behind him as if blocking a Foot Ninja’s strike. His anatomy is breathtaking; take a look at those quads! He’s standing above the point of a rooftop that’s shaped like a triangle, and his feet are appropriately positioned; perfectly bent for balancing on the uneven surface. You can even see the wrinkles of skin above his bent toes and ankles! Gnarly stuff to say the least. This model was molded, chiseled and painted with the utmost precision and discipline; fitting of Leonardo’s perfectionist personality.

Out of the foursome, he’s the only one not gritting his teeth; opting to keep his mouth closed instead. This really gives us a sense of his stoic personality, remaining calm and collected even in the heat of battle. Those gleaming white eyes of his really feel like they’d pierce into your soul, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. He’s playing for keeps. The swords are beautifully molded, down to the brown tape wrapped around the handles for better grip! He’s just all around awesome, and would make Splinter (and Captain Ryan) very proud!

He does, of course, have his downsides. A lot of them. Why, for example, would the only one of these turtle statues that has visible weapon holsters on him be posed in a way that hides said details when viewed from the front? Why position him in such a way that conceals the scabbards instead of utilizing this fantastic upholstery in a fashion that would include the sword sheaths into the look of the piece? His pose is way too complicated and bizarre anyway, something simpler, like simply having him standing upright while visibly removing one of his swords would have more than sufficed, and made a much cooler collectible if you ask me! I think the concept of seeing him remove one of his swords because he’s about to kick some serious shell is much more appealing than him actually doing it. This position doesn’t fit at all with the theme of his brothers, whom all sport much simpler poses that don’t confuse our eyes as to what they’re doing. We don’t care what they’re doing because they look so cool! Leo will have you questioning this, though, and that’s a big downfall.

Also, since he has sheaths for his swords, wouldn’t he require a brace for them? You can’t really expect those to be held in place by his belt alone, can you? But it must be fastened pretty tight, because that’s all he has holding those things secure! This is a big flaw for me. Furthermore, I don’t like that’s he’s standing on a triangle. The other three are standing on the corners of a rooftop, and it just seemed appropriate that Leo would be standing on what would be the fourth corner! But he isn’t; he’s on a triangle, which makes this particular model taller than the others, and thus a bit disproportional for the collection. One arm is out in front of him and the other’s behind him; the sword in his right hand isn’t being held correctly; there are just so many issues… But I swear, I pinky-promise, cross my shell and hope to withdraw; he really is a cool statue that’s worth buying!

That’s really all there is to say on the matter. I feel that overall, SideShow’s Leonardo is a bit of a mess… But like any young child’s mushy works of art, he’s a mess that’s worth proudly showcasing. Do I think you should buy him? I don’t think…. I know! The post may be off, but the detail and the beauty is spot-on. It’s Ninja Time!

Come next week, I’ll be reviewing the first Turtles Statue that I got my hands on! My personal favorite of the set, and my personal favorite statue! I’ve saved mister Don A. Tello for last! So I’ll see you guys next time.

I’ll see you guys then! Same ninja time, same ninja channel!

One, two, three, four! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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