Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection Hardcover Books

I recently purchased Volumes 1 and 2 (Volume 3 is in the mail) of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hardcover books. I collected many of the first issues as they were coming out when the series began, then went to trade paperbacks, then began reading them digitally with the occasional collected edition purchase or grabbing the single issues of a special event such as Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything. When I was moving back to NC, I needed some space and some cash, so I sold all of my trades including The Secret History of the Foot Clan which is one I definitely regretted selling, so I’ve been without the ability to read the first 20 or so issues as well as the microseries for a couple of years. I promise that I am not being over enthusiastic when I tell you how perfect they are.

One of my favorite things about the books is that they included all of the microseries and other storylines including my beloved Secret History of the Foot Clan. They also put them in the recommended reading order! I used to spend a lot of effort trying to read them in the correct order, so having this done for me is great. The fact that each issue is marked with the main cover as they were released is a great touch. There is usually a Kevin Eastman drawing and a few pieces by other artists at the end of each issue. Another thing I enjoy is the varied texture of the cover itself. The spine of each book  has a luster finish and is and raised where the weapons wrapping is and recessed where the wrapping is not. The other parts of the cover have a matte finish and it has a soft texture. I love the fact that they attached a color coordinated ribbon bookmark with each issue as well. They typically use whichever character gets the most attention in the collected issues however am not sure how well this applies as the series goes on.

The only major complaint I have heard about the books is that their binding is supposedly weak and it separates from the spine very easily. I was cautious of this before purchasing them and it actually made me a little concerned about spending my money on the collections. After doing a little research on how to break in a new hardcover with this type of binding, I have had no issues. The process for breaking them in is simple. Place the spine on a flat surface and open the front cover, then the back cover, then a couple pages from the front of the book and continue alternating front and back until you have reached the center of the book. Do not force the pages cover or pages down rather let gravity do the work. Do this process 3 times and make sure to be gentle during your first pass through the books.

These books are for anyone, but if you’re someone who has not collected the trades or single issues, they are a must. They are also just great collector’s items. The features I mentioned above as well as the amount of material in each volume (15 issues in Vol 1 and 17 in Vol 2!) make these a steal. I recommend supporting your local comic book shop, but if you are finding it hard to come by a particular volume, you can always order them online as I did for Volume 3. I highly recommend purchasing these books and reading this series.

If you own the books and have any comments or if you have questions about them or the series please comment!


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