Review: The Three Stooges 2012

 The Three Stooges is a comedy group that I have known of since I was a little kid.  Growing up with their films in my house, it’s a group that my family has always respected and enjoyed.  Moe, Larry and Curly were names that we knew well. The Three Stooges have touched millions as their comedy lives on through many people who remember them and do jokes all the time that reflect back to their films.  So when a new movie popped up many Three Stooges fans were on the edge. With all of the original Stooges have been gone for awhile now, could they really find people to play these characters of film history and do these characters justice?

Going to see the film, I was going in ready to try and just enjoy it.  Though I knew deep down that I would compare this to the original films of the Three Stooges.  As much as I don’t like to judge things, by saying if it matches the source material, The Three Stooges are just something that I never dreamt of seeing someone else try to do.  So I talked to many people before going, to find out how people felt.  Most people were unsure and judging it early on.  The TV ads shows the jokes would be that which we knew The Three Stooges for, but could it could be pulled off?

When the lights went low in the theater, I got a smile to my face as their title screen and music did match up to that of the old Three Stooges film.  We go into the film seeing the Three Stooges as babies brought to an orphanage where they were raised by nuns.  We got to see them as kids, being trouble makers.  Moe was almost adopted, but did not want to leave Larry and Curly.  So the three of them grow up at the orphanage.

Now as adults the three are still living there, and learn that their home that they really do care about is going to be closed down if money is not raised in 30 days.  They head to the city to try and make money, while there a lady sees them and thinks she can hire them to do something really bad.  Things get messed up with her plan and now she’s out to get the Three Stooges out of the picture so they can not find out what she was really up to.  Now they have to raise the money and stay alive, while also dealing with their own personal struggles.

The movie is fun, but you can feel the length.  So many scenes did not feel like they were needed, more like they were put in, helping fill the extra time.  Their actors who played the Three Stooges were great, they looked and sounded great.  They had the act down wonderful.  The problem with this movie was in the script itself.  As scenes without The Three Stooges fell flat, scenes that were kept could have been dropped for better growth scenes that could of helped with the heart behind the film.  I would have liked to have seen a little bit more time with the Three Stooges as kids spending time with another child who became an important role in the story later on.  Small things like that would have helped the film move at a better pace.

I heard laughter through the crowd and did find scenes, especially with the Three Stooges just being themselves, funny.  But so much comedy was forced with other characters, that you just felt them throwing in jokes for the the sake of wanting to keep the comedy coming.  While the film was filled with these jokes, the theater was not always filled with laughter.  These three guys were able to bring back the Three Stooges, with the best Curly since the original Curly.

Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, Sean Hayes as Larry, and Will Sasso as Curly.  I can not stress how well the three of them did for these parts.  If I watch the movie again, it will be because of these actors to see more of them playing off the Three Stooges characters.  Written by Mike Cerrone with Bobby and Peter Farrelly, this movie had potential to be something more than it became.   Bobby and Peter also directed this movie.  And I do thank them for bringing forth a new group of the Three Stooges.

My favorite part in this movie happened near the beginning of the film.  The Three Stooges see someone on top of the nuns, thinking that the nuns are being attacked they run to their rescue.  It’s a great scene, with a lot of laughs and shows strong character for the Three Stooges, how much they care of the staff and just how fast they can be there.  I enjoyed that scene very much.

One of the cool things that they did for the film was the breakers, they tried to split the movie up into three sections.  Since the old Three Stooges movies were never really this long, they gave the movie three different titles for each area and had the logo page come up with Three Stooges music to it.  This was neat and a nice touch to the film.  I didn’t really feel like each area had a beginning, middle and end to it, so they did not feel like they made sense where they were.  But it was still something neat to see.

My least favorite part of this was not even the movie, it was the surprise at the end of the movie.  As Bobby and Peter come on screen to tell us how the props in this movie was all done with toys, the hammers and everything are fake.  They show these props, and even show that the Stooges are not poking each other in the eyes.  While it’s understandable that there are safety issues in movies to keep people from copying what they see on TV, this right here just had my jaw dropped.  I grew up with The Three Stooges and never needed a lecture from the screen on safety.  It just made me leave the theater with more of a bitter taste for the film.

If you like slapstick go see this film.  If you like watching the Three Stooges do their thing of messing up, hurting each other, and just having fun, go see this film.  But if you’re looking for a strong plot where you hate the villains, care about the people in trouble, and see it flow nicely through, than wait for another movie.  There’s something missing to this film, which falls directly with the plot.

Are you a Three Stooges fan?  Have you seen this movie?  What are your thoughts? Please answer these questions, or comment below.   All email addresses are kept private.

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