Review: TMNT 1 into 2 Mutations


Throughout the years Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys have been mutating.  Either normal Turtles to Mutant Turtles, human to cat, Turtle to ride, and even man to rat.  Recently Playmates Toys has been trying new stuff with their mutations including the Mix and Match Mutations, but nothing is more new or creative as the idea of turning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into their weapons!  Here is my review of the 1 into 2 Mutations of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo .

This had to be the weirdest Mutation toys I’ve ever had for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Not only did it seem odd at concept, but to try and mutate them without their direction is a challenge all upon itself.  In this video I mutate all three Turtles that were released, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo.  On Michelangelo and Leonardo I used the directions closely and found the mutations to not be too bad.  With Raphael, I tried to mutate him without the directions.  What you don’t see in this video is how long I really messed around with his arms trying to figure out where to place them.  Now I can mutate all three with ease, but I recommend for everyone who buys these.  Get the directions!

My favorite thing about these three action figures is the faces.  The artist had fun showing that these Turtles were not doing well.  They looked like they were being tied down to be tortured.  Picturing Hun or Bishop from the 2003 TMNT series with them strapped down about to go on with torture.  That would be the best photo op for these toys.  It just lets all of us know that we never want to mutate into weapons, cause it looks painful. 

My biggest problem with this toy goes towards the fact that they came with weapons they can hold.  But there’s nowhere to store these weapons when they mutate into weapons.  It would be nice if there was somewhere they could be put.  Originally I had my Turtles just holding them in the set behind me for filming.  Though since I’ve hit the road for events again, I have put their weapons away in a weapon bag.  It will be a long time before they’re reunited with their toy.  Not to say these were the best  weapons, as both Leonardo and Michelangelo’s were too small for them.

I recommend these toys to fans who like puzzles and mutation toys  People who like to shock their friends with a toy that is so strange and different that most people would be surprised to see them.  Or people who want to do strange photo ops with the Turtles looking like they’re in trouble.  These are not your run of the day mill toys, so it is not recommended for those who are going after the basic action figures or the toys that fit with them.  These are taller than the normal toys and are very stiff.  They are fun to mutate once you learn how, so it’s something cool to check out for those curious. This also make for an interesting gift to give a TMNT fan who thinks they have everything.

These are from Playmates Toys.  The company that has stayed with the TMNT for the longest time, and helped make the Turtles to be what they are today.  Please do take the time to check their websites:






Do you have the 1 into 2 Mutations toys?  Which Turtles do you own?  What are your thoughts?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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