Review: TMNT 2014 Michelangelo Action Figure

My favorite Turtle since the first cartoon has almost always been Michaelangelo.  Mikey is the Turtle that has reminded me the most of myself, creative, loves life, a people person, and often just wants to find away to make the family happy.  Often because of this he is the first Turtle I review when new products come out.  This time I am reviewing the new "Ninja Turtles" Movie Michelangelo action figure from the new 2014 film by Playmates Toys. 

With a few other Michelangelo toys near by to compare, I video my opening and first reaction to the new Mikey toy.  This one is based on a whole new look to Mikey, much like the Next Mutation, Coming Out of Their Shells, Image Comics and the Nickelodeon Series has done.  They have taken the characters we know and love and threw them in for a make over. 

Personally I don't think these make overs are truly needed.  You can make the Turtles look different without changeing to many of their main features.  Don't believe me?  Look at the original comics, to the first cartoon, the first two live action films and the 4Kids series.  All the main features are the same to the Turtles, but each one stands alone with their looks and people know what they're looking at for the most part without being told.  So while others may love or hate make overs, I can live with or without them.  It doesn't make or break a show, movie or comic. 

Onto Mikey's toy.  He comes with two weapons and a guide to what new movie toys are out.  Mikey is wearing pants now, not shorts like earlier pictures were hinting at.  He has joints in his knees, elbows, shoulders, top of the legs and the head turns.  He's wearing a hooding instead of a belt around his waist, and he has two straps wrapped around him.  He does have his nose and lips, his mouth is closed.  His eyes are pure white.

For my reactions to the Michelangelo figure please watch the video.   As I open the toy for my first time to get a look at him up close.   This is the only toy review will I will read what's on the back of the box, as it says the same thing on all the other boxes too.

Have you picked up the new Michelangelo action figure? Are you going to pick it up? Reviews, comments and questions are all welcomed below!

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Donatello19's picture

Nice review Michelle! I laughed really hard when you said Mikey was wearing leggings, LOL. Right now I have the four basic movie turtles, plus Shredder and Raph in disguise. Raph in disguise is really cool, he's wearing a trenchcoat like in the original cartoon, and he also comes with a fedora, a scarf and a pair of sunglasses to disguise him further. I wanted to tell you since for some reason they don't show him in the little booklet or on the back of the packaging. Also, I see you got some of the Crush soda. I have found the Mikey and Don cans, plus a Mikey 2 liter bottle. The cans are really cool, they're actually printed with the turtles' mask around them plus a shell with their weapons on the back and a bio for each of them. Are you going to open the box of cans? Also they make an April Crush soda too, she's on the pineapple soda flavor. I haven't found her or Leo or Raph yet, though. Can't wait to see more of your reviews!

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Can't wait to get these new figures!