Review: TMNT 2014 Movie Raphael Action Figure

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie will be released in less than a month!  The best way to really get hyped for it is to check out the new merch and watch the trailers.  And there is merch appearing on the shelves from the Playmates TMNT Action Figures to the Crush Soda.  I am trying to review as many of the new Playmates TMNT 2014 Movie line, that I can before the movie comes out.  Here is the Raphael action figure review, this is the Raph not wearing the trench coat.

There is one pet peeve with Raphael that I’ve noticed in pictures and video from the movie, which the toy has corrected.  This makes me happy.  To find out what that pet peeve of Raphael is, watch my video review.  I open the package, compare to other toys and talk about the film during this review. 

This is my favorite of the Action Figure line from the new TMNT Movie 2014 toys.  He seems to be built right and has the best paint job.  I recommend this toy to any fan of Raphael, who wants to keep supporting the character through the different Ninja Turtles universes. 

Do you have the new TMNT 2014 Movie Raphael figure? Do you plan to get it? If you do have it, what is your thoughts on it?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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