Review: TMNT 3-D Valentines 2014

The market is just overflowing in pink and red, as Valentines is taking over.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have jumped onto this coming out with so many new products for the Holiday that we are going to share a second one today.  This is our review for the 3-D Valentines found at Wal-Mart.

This set is released from American Greetings and has 32 cards total.  The box has 2013 marked on it, making it so I do not know if this is a 2013 Valentines Product or made for 2014.  We did not see these in store last year, so I am assuming that this is new.  There is 8 different designs in total, and each card when moved a certain way has a second look to it.  The cards are much smaller than normal Valentine Cards, and there is no envelopes with them. 

There’s only the four turtles in the designs, each Turtle gets two different cards.  There is the two and from area on the back of the card.  It would of been better if they had supplied envelopes since these are not cards you really want to fold. 

These are okay, they’re different.  But they do not jump out and grab me as my favorite Valentine item to come out this year.  There’s a ton to choose from.  Making it so gimmicks are getting more and more.  As I see the different options at all the stores, and hear feedback from our viewers.  This will be a hard year to pick up every Valentines item that comes to the market.

Have you bought the TMNT 3-D Valentines?  What are your thoughts on these cards?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below.

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