Review: TMNT "Enter the Lair" by Random House

Going around stores has started to remind me of the early 1990’s, finding different Ninja Turtle items.  It feels great to know that the Turtles are doing so well, and I love to see all the different items coming out right now.  Most of the time I can’t pick everything up, though some items stand out to where I just have to get it for the collection.  One of the items I found back in February while shopping in Lexington, Kentucky was this 3-D TMNT book “Enter the Lair”.  I’ll like to share my thoughts on this cool item.

The cover of the book has the four Turtles all in action poses.  It has the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo, and says 3-D! With 3-D glasses!  And gives the title of the book.  It’s got a very green feel to it, which is nice since most TMNT items right now are very purple.  It’s good to have something a little different mixed into the collection.  And can really pull someone’s attention towards the book.  I was surprised  when I saw it was a 3-D book with glasses though, that was new to me.  And exciting.

Once you open the cover of the book there is the 3-D Glasses. You can rip them from the book, to be able and go through looking at all the images in 3-D.  These are like the old movie theater 3-D, where one side is red and the other side is blue.  I’ve never been a big fan of those type of glasses, to the point that I didn’t care about 3-D movies until recently when they came out with the new 3-D glasses that just really work on the films.  Having these old ones for the books, is a way to keep the old style alive for new generations.  It’s better than a movie with the glasses.

Going through the book it talks about the Turtles, shows the lair and tells a little about it.  There’s profiles for the four Turtles, Splinter and April.  Talks a little about the Dojo and that the Turtles protect their home, family and city.  It’s a short book, not much reading.  Some cool photos for fans to enjoy and a neat feature that makes it different than other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles books out there.  Another cool feature is the inside of the back cover is an ad for all of the 2012 Playmates Toys wave 1 that came out.

“Enter the Lair” was published by Random House.  The 3-D special effects and production was provided by Red Bird Publishing Ltd., U.K.  though sadly this is another book that is not giving artist credit.  While we know this art is the product artwork you see from the Calendar to the packaging of other products.  It would be nice to see credit go to the artist who did these famous poses.

This is one of those items that I know I will pick up in the future and go “Oh yea, they did make a 3-D TMNT book”.  It’s not something I’m going to carry around too much.  I will display this when I get a museum to show the cool products for TMNT 2013.

Have you found the 3-D TMNT book “Enter the Lair”?  Did you buy it?  What are your thoughts of this new product?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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