Review: TMNT "Groom & Go" and Glasses Case

With all of the different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items coming to the market, some things are clearly just for kids.  It’s still interesting to look over the different products and see which ones are worth investing in.  One of the products that came out in Fall 2013 for TMNT is the Goom & Go set.  This set of children shaving devices is fun for kids to start learning to… shave?  Here’s my review of the TMNT Boys Groom & Go, with an added review for adults at the end.

I personally think this is something you won’t see on the market for long.  So once it is gone, it’s gone.  So if you’re a collector who wants those odd items this is one of those get while you can.  Most stores have already moved them out of the main areas as they were set up for the Christmas Holiday. 

Are they worth getting?  Yes, they’re fun.  This is clearly for children though, with a fake razor and their sour apple soaps.  Personally I love the mirror that comes with the set.  I’ve had it hanging up with other things holding onto the area you’re suppose to put the raiser.  It’s fun and different.  Making that my favorite product in the Groom and Go kit.

The case for the Glasses is good.  I was very happy when I found it, and have used it a few times.  Mainly on the road to protect my glasses if I take them off in the car for any reason.  These fit adult and kid glasses, so they are worth the investment.  Nickelodeon is doing a great job with their marketing.

Have you picked up the Groom and Go pack?  What is your thoughts on it?  Find the Glasses case?  Would you get a case for your glasses with TMNT on it?  If you already have, let us know about your case!  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below!

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