Review: TMNT Heart Box 2015

If you still have not found that special Valentine gift for the one you want, you’re cutting it close.  If you’re looking for TMNT fans, you’ve come to the right place with reviews and links to the items that may peak your interest.  As we get closer we share more items that look cool and could be exciting for some Ninja Turtle fan you know, even yourself.  This review is for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Valentines Day Leonardo Heart Shaped Gummy Hearts.

When I first saw this box I felt that I was grabbing up a box of chocolates.  As I try not to get into any item all the way till it’s time to do the review.  So I started this review off with saying how chocolates touch every Holiday.  Then I flipped over the box to start to open it and the words “Gummy Hearts” hit me in the face… and the intro was redone to match more for this product.  But that tells me that over the years I’ve been conditioned, like most people I know.. if you see a heart shape box at Valentines day, it usually has Chocolate inside.   I feel a little deceived…

The top of the box has this soft feel to it, which has been very easy to scratch and mark up.  But if you can keep it looking good it’s a nice effect.  They only seem to have Leonardo, which is great for Leonardo fans… though I would personally loved to have had a heart shape box of Michelangelo or Donatello.  It even says Leonardo’s name all around the edge of the heart.  The box is held shut by three pieces of tape.  I can find other uses for this Leonardo box from holding tickets, pictures or other small treasures I want to keep.

Inside is ten gummy hearts, each in it’s own wrapper so kids can share at school or with friends.  The gummy hearts are all kind of thick, with almost the same flavor of gummy worms and bears, but weak in flavor.  So if people don’t want their treat too sweet this may work for them.  Take a bit to chew because of how thick it is though.  Each heart has a tiny plastic tray inside the plastic wrap with them. 

These are made by Frankford, which is the same company which has brought us such treats as the TMNT Christmas Chocolate bars from this last Christmas.  We’ve shared a handful of their fine Ninja Turtle goodies here on Cowabunga Corner.  This one was just a bit of a surprise.  Not a bad one, as the gummies are still a nice snack. 

Have you seen the TMNT Heart Box?  Do you own one?  Gift or bought for yourself?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.


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