Review: TMNT Toy Skateboards

The stores are filling up with new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products.  The big questions start to come down on what to buy and what to leave on the shelves?  That all depends on the buyer, what you personally collect.  My goal is to review as much as it is that comes out, to help people see if there’s something you may have overlooked while shopping.  This is one of those products that I see kids going after, and adults passing up not realizing the extra value behind the Toy.  This review is of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboards by Wicked Cool Toys.

These Skateboards are meant to be a toy that kids can use with their hands, to do tricks and goof around with.  We’ve seen toys like this go through McDonalds recently.  Though these ones are different.  The pack has a group of four to them, each Turtle has their own sculpted board.  None of them are the same.  With a Nickelodeon theme Turtle image on the bottom.  The thing that makes these useful for a collector is how they match up to one of the TMNT action figure lines out by Playmates Toys.

I love finding things that fit to my Turtle Toys.  As a kid I use to mix and match Turtle Toys with other toy lines all the time.  One of the best was Ghostbusters.  Ghostbusters headquarters was Channel 6 while Ghostbuster characters made up the channel six crew.  So to find accessories for TMNT toys that does not normally have these types of accessories, it makes these new toys more valuable to me.  Check out the video to find out more!

A big thanks to the awesome people at Wicked Cool Toys for sponsoring this video!  These boards are a lot of fun to play with and for display purposes!

Host, Video, & Editing: Michele Ivey
Location: Kentucky

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