Review: TMNT Ukulele

A lot of different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  items are hitting the market right now.  I personally love collecting Ninja Turtle stuff that stand out.  Stuff I never saw before or thought I would see.  So when I was walking through Toys R Us last December and found a Ukulele sitting there.  I had to pick it up.  So this is my review of the TMNT Ukulele.

I use to be in band at school, though I never played a string instrument.  I do have a large respect for those who do play, as I remember all the practice we would do for every song.  I stayed in band for five years, though in High School they required band camp during the summer which was more than I wanted to put into it.  At that time I made the choice to get out of band, I still have all of my original band stuff from song sheets, cleaning kits and more.  My case even has old TMNT stickers on it.   Personally I would’ve loved a TMNT instrument and not just a sticker.

This is why the Ukulele stood out so much to me when I first saw it.  Going through a memory of band class and how cool it would be to have that TMNT theme there.  I picked up this neat product and have decided to keep it safe in the collection.  My give my full review of this Ukulele in the video above.

Do you have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ukulele?  Do you know how to play the Ukulele?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below!

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