Review: TMNT Valentine Day Cards 2014


Valentine Day is coming up, as we go through the stores the allies are filled with red and pink.  Plush bears with hearts, to lady bugs and Cupids.  Boxes of Chocolates in heart shape boxes from all the candy makers who can jump in on the action, with different sizes and prices for their assorted tasty goodness.  And shelves of Valentine Day cards.  Different sizes, images, and characters appearing from box to box.  Cartoons all jump out for this Holiday, as the companies behind them hope deep down at the children will want to give their brand name away for Valentines.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has once again jump in on this act, this time with three different boxes of Valentine Cards.  Here is my review of these cards.

First there is the normal 32 box of cards.  With it’s own box art and cards.  Enough to give away at most school classes without buying extra.  Second is the larger box with the Turtles on it, offering up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle erasers in the shape of Leonardo’s head.  And the third box looks much like the second box, just they have glow sticks instead of erasers.  I review all three of these boxes in the video.  Sharing which box is my favorite from these choices.

There is still more Valentine TMNT to come.  With Sticker cards and Chocolates, this is a very TMNT Valentine.  Much more so than our previous years, with mainly one box of cards to be given out.  Sometimes we've gotten some candy too.  It’s always good to see when they branch out for more than just cards.

Are you getting any of these TMNT Valentine Day Cards?  Which ones?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!

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Nice review Michelle! I saw two more kinds of TMNT Valentines cards at Kmart: One came with TMNT pencils that stick in the card, and the other featured lenticular/3d cards.