Review: TMNT Valentines Mail Boxes! 2014

With all the awesome Valentines Merch coming out for Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we are sharing up to two stories on some days to try and show as many reviews as we can, without the website being Valentines only.  Making this a second story for today, though I believe to be one of my favorite things to review for Valentines Day, because it’s different.  In this review, I cover the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mail Boxes found at Wal-Mart.

As a kid we would make pockets to put on the front of our desk to collect our Valentines Day cards in.  This is not something I often think about, or even remember.  As Valentines was never one of my favorite Holidays.  So while I may have some with some of the products released during this time, it is rare that I find something I want to find a use for all year long.  Which is what brought my surprise to the mailboxes when they came out.

I live upstairs, with my folks putting the mail on the stairs to head up to my room.  I have often thought about making a mailbox to put at the bottom of the stairs for my mail.  Just never got around to it.  Of course a mailbox that’s going to fall apart right away would not work like cardboard.  I can’t express my shock when I found these at the store.  A product I never would've even thought of seeing, yet so cool.

In this video I talk about the three different mailbox and work my way up to my favorite one.  Showing the differences between each box.  They are all priced around $3.  I recommend all three to young TMNT fans, for the older fans if you want something cool go with the one made by Tin Box.  It is a Walmart item.

Have you picked up any of these TMNT Valentine mailboxes?  Which one?  All three?  Which is your favorite?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below.

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