Review Youmacon 2013

Every year there are a handful of events that I look forward to going too.  Some of which are big and have been around long before I started going.  While others have grown and turned into something amazing right before my eyes.  Youmacon is one of those events, I have never missed and always enjoyed.   It’s coming again and I’m looking forward to it, only to realize I did not get a review up for last year’s Youmacon.  So here’s my review, which in itself will explain why I was not able to write one a year ago.

Miki and I went to Youmacon early as normal.  Once we found where the new badge pick up is, we got in line to wait for them to open.  This was Friday, November 1st, 2013.  As we were sitting there, we got a call about my father’s health.  He was going in for a stint that day, because of bad problems with his heart.  Though the doctors had much worse news to share with him, they could not give him his stint, instead he has to see a surgeon on Monday, because three of his arteries is clogged up, 80%, 90% and 100%.  They sent him home for the weekend, as my mother told us we can’t do much to still try and enjoy the convention.

This set mine and Miki’s moods for the weekend, we tried to do as much as we normally would do.  Though our minds were on our father, and worried about his health.  That Friday we hung out with friends, walked around the dealer room and went to the Steam Powered Giraffe concert.  After that we went home.  My mom is a fan of Steam Powered Giraffe, she joined us and learned that Saturday they were doing a photo take with the band down in the dealer room.  Which got her to plan a return for Saturday to the convention.

Saturday Miki and I showed up early, I had panels marked to go too, though we met up with friends and helped a person find her panel room that was lost in the building.  I didn’t make it to the panel, but it was good seeing friends I don’t normally get to see through the year.  My mom arrived and we went to the lineup for photos with the band.  It was the most relaxed we got at the convention during this time.  I found friends working the dealer room and artist alley, we talked with the people around us in line. 

The dealer room was really fun this year.  There was t-shirts, artists, toys and more.  A nice seating area where people can take a break.  And they had their autograph session area fixed up, from the year before.  It was clear that Youmacon is getting use to their new set up, and found ways to make things better.  Fixing all of the problems I was seeing the year before.

It was fun to finally get up for our turn with the photos.  Rabbit and The Spine remembered me from other times going through their autograph lines.  They only allowed two in the photo, so my mom and I got our picture taken.  Miki decided to take photos off to the side of us with them.  The print was going to be made later, and then we could get them autographed.  Miki and I wandered a bit, saying goodbye to my mom as she wanted to get back to dad.

We picked up the photos and ran down to the autograph line, where we sat with friends for a bit.  Made new friends and talked a lot.  Once the photo was autographed we were going to try and go to a panel that night, but ended up meeting up with some friends instead.  While with the friends we noticed that I lost my phone charger battery pack.  Which really distracted me, we searched for awhile then called it a night.

Sunday morning we returned to the convention.  I went to a panel, determined to do something other than opening and closing.  I knew I wanted to sit in this panel, though that’s when my mom’s phone call came.  I left the room and found out that my dad was rushed to ER where she learned he had a heart attack, they’re going to get him in for surgery as soon as they can.  She is going to keep us up to date, and wants us to stay at the convention.  My mind was no longer on the panel, family comes first. 

I informed Miki, we left the panel room really down.  I went off and checked the lost and found for my charger pack, and they had it.  Lucky for me I put TMNT stickers on everything, so they knew it was mine.  We met up with our friends and informed them what’s going on with my dad.  Really that was such a big focus over the weekend, that I don’t remember much more of our talks.

I went to closing and got to say goodbye to our friends.  Normally Miki and I hang around for the night after the convention, so we did try to do a little hanging out.  At least till our out of town friends left.  Then it was time for us to get going. 

I wish I had photos, videos and more to show as I did go as press.  I know I got some of the stuff filmed, but not sure where it was filed when I did finally store it off of my camera.  I just know for sure, that it was one of my hardest weekends at a convention, at no fault of the convention itself.  My dad had his surgery that Monday morning, a triple by pass.  He’s doing okay, though even a year later he’s not been back to himself.  I wish the doctors never sent him home that Friday, just put him right into care at the Hospital.  I love my dad and want him to feel better.

Youmacon did help Miki and I not drown in the stress that was going on at home.  We enjoyed the concert as always on Friday.  It is an event we look forward too every year. The guest were all super friendly as I saw them through the weekend, even without going to panels.  It’s always fun to talk to Tom Wayland.  The staff was on the ball this year, as there wasn’t that many people I saw upset about anything.   Maid Cafe was good, as we got to enjoy some tea and cheese cake on Friday.  All around, it remains one of my favorite events to go too. 

If you have not yet read any of our normal years at Youmacon please do check out our previous reviews and other related stories

I look forward to Youmacon 2014.  With friends, panels, concerts, and more.  Youmacon is the only real event that I will yearly encourage people to visit Detroit city for.  Hope to see you there!

Youmacon is December 30th to November 2nd, 2014.  



YOUMACON 2013  Concert.

held on Friday, 1 November 2013
by Claudia Ivey

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Youmacon's concert last night, here in the Detroit Area, down town at the REN CEN.  There were three groups that went up.  I really didn't know the first two groups, I was mainly there for the last group, STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE. 

The first was mainly a guy on a Key Board, that had a couple of others that joined him on Stage.  Part of this guy's act, he would make one of the others do this Break Dance, every time Break Dance was mentioned, all throughout their show.  I liked one of his songs he sang called You Lied to Me.  It was about the people that made the Jetson's, wanting to know where the flying cars and jet packs were. I thought that was funny.  I never saw this guy before, so if was my first time hearing his songs.That act was big on the Power Rangers too.  I don't know their names.  I did laugh.

The second act was a Japanese group, I really liked their colorful costumes. It was my first time hearing this group act too.  So I didn't know their songs too. The main singer was a cute little female.  Most the time, in my own opinion, I thought the music was so loud you couldn't hear the singer. She had a good voice in some that I did get to hear.  She was cute and funny though,  I laughed when she would do that Break Dance that the group did before they were on.  I think all the songs was in Japanese, and I did see some in the audience that did know their music.  Loved their outfits!!!!

Then at 10 pm, Steam Power Giraffes finally got on stage.  This was the first time that I got to see them in person.  I truly enjoyed their act, very entertaining.   For the people that never heard of this group, they are from San Francisco.   That night there were 5 band members,  three are the main part of this act.   These three charactors are made up like Robots in looks and actions. They are great at what they do. Their professional names are Spine, Rabbit, and Hatchy.  The other two members is mainly In the back ground, they're the robot's humans, Micheal & Matt.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, two more band members, females that go on stag, periodically, maintaining the Robots, dressed in White.  I was so happy that I was able to be part of the audience. My favorite song of their's is Honey Bee. It was the only song I knew well enough to sing along with.  I also heard a few new ones I never heard before, like Scary, and Automatonic Electronic Harm. Their act made me laugh and kept my full attention through out the whole time they were on.  I am not one that is that knowledgeable on different groups of this time, but I will say, this one does keep my attention.   They do a very entertaining Act, I can say they are my favorite singers of this day and age.  I grew up in the day when the Beatles, Monkees, and Herman Hermits were my favorite, and still are. So I really don't know many of the younger acts that have came and gone, but I will remember this one.   This group's act is way more then just singing, they are fun to watch, very talented.  They're very unique.  The most entertaining live stage, singing act that I have watched and enjoyed, in a long time.

I was seated in the center, third row back. Great Seats.  I know my girls got a lot of great shots, through out the night on all three groups.  I also love the set up, the colorful lights and the two large screens.  I did have a problem with the screens, for there are times that I didn't really understand what was being said on them and I wanted too.  For during the Steam Power Giraffes, part of their act was on there.

Thank you for letting me be part, I really appreciated it and enjoyed my night.  Oh yes, on Saturday at Cobo Hall, Michele and I was able, thanks to my other daughter, Miki, to get our pictures taken with Spine, Rabbit and Hatchy (the Robot Characters from Steam Power Giraffes).  I was able to steal a hug from each one of them ( got a hug from Micheal, too).  Thank you, that was fun.


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