Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Rhode Island

Everyone now and then, there are different events that I go too because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle connections.  On October 21st, I went to a Yu-Gi-Oh event in Rhode Island.  I went this event to support Dan Green, a voice actor who've gone through a rough time last year when he lost his wife.  Some of the voice actors from Yu-Gi-Oh got together to do this event to help raise money to help Dan, and this was not an event I could miss out on.  The biggest surprise about this event was that the panels and autograph sessions were free to the public, only asking for donations to help Dan.

I openly confess I do not know much about Yu-Gi-Oh as I've watched one season back when the show first came out, and tried to watch some of Yu-Gi-Oh GX when it was new.  Though for one reason or another I did not keep up with the show, and never had an interest in the game.  So going to a Yu-Gi-Oh event was a different for me.  Though the guest list was totally Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Dan Green was old School Leonard in the "Turtles Forever" movie.  Wayne Grayson who plays Joey is Michelangelo in the 4Kids TMNT series.  And those are only the beginning of names that was there.  They had a total of six awesome guests.

We got to the event early, which was good since the first autograph session was moved to an earlier time.  This autograph session had Greg Abbey - Raphael from the 4Kids TMNT series, Ted Lewis - The Ultimate Ninja from the 4Kids TMNT series, and Erica Shroeder who did a character later in 4Kids.  As I stood in this autograph line I looked around and found myself the only fan that came to this event for Ninja Turtles.  I went through what I brought for autographs and realized my pile of stuff to be signed matched most of the other people in line, as I held a handful of trading cards as the Yu-Gi-Oh fans were holding their playing cards.  So while I was not there for the same media as the other fans, I still felt like I fit in.  I originally was also going to have DVD covers, though forgot them at a place we left some luggage at for safe keeping in another state.

I found the way the lines ran different than other events.  Once we got up they let people skip ahead to the guests they were getting signed if they were not having everyone's autographs.  Though if they were getting everyone's autographs signed they still had you jump ahead to the open people and come back for the people who are busy.  An interesting way of doing it, though could get a bit confusing.  So while they were sitting with Erica, Greg, then Ted.  I first got Ted's autograph, then Erica and last was Greg.  I still had fun and got to talk to each of them.  My first time seeing Ed in a long time, so it was nice catching up a little with him.   Greg was amazing to talk too, I've only seen him at Anime Next once before.  So I enjoyed this chance to meet Greg again.

I went through the line twice, as the line only took 15 minutes to go through.   To my surprise they capped the line after my second time getting in the line.  Which meant instead of the hour, that even the corrected schedule said that the guest would be there for, is that they would be done within the half hour.  Sure enough, soon after I went through the line they were done and lead away.  There was a staffer left to tell people that the guests were gone, though as soon as that time was up that staffer left the area, with no other staff coming there.

At this point we had hours before the voice acting panel was to start and nothing else was in the room till the panel started.  We took this time for food, playing on our computers, using outlets to charge our stuff, and watch the other event that was there.  There was a Model show thing going on, with all these women going through classes and such.  Now I've seen shows use the same building before, but not the same hall.  In this one area the Yu-Gi-Oh event had one room, but the other show had all of the other rooms.  These were not two events you normally would see together as gamers are hanging out in normal clothes, these women are going through with very costly dresses, hair and make-up.  Most of which were very friendly, even though they were confused by all of us.  Though there was one rude person in that group, and a few that seem to look down upon those who are not dressed like them.

About a half hour before panel time other people started to come up for the panel.  So we started our line, which went into the same hall as the other show.  So they had to keep going pass us.  Not one staff member came up from the event.  As this line grew, we were wondering if we were forgotten.  15 minutes after the panel time rolled around, staff came up to tell us that the panel was post poned for a half hour, leaving us 15 more minutes of waiting.  They kept us in the hall till the panelist showed up.  It was good to finally see their faces, Wayne Grayson was the person I really felt the happiest to see.  I've known Wayne since 2003, and have not seen him since 2008.  So it was great to see him.  We got to go in and sit front row.  Here is the awesome panel, which believe it or not has a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle talk through it.

This panel was a lot of fun.  And it was really good to see a nice turn out for Dan.  After the panel was the next autograph sessions, where things got even harder on the attendees.  For four guest, they did two autograph lines.  With Dan and Mike Pollock in one line, and Wayne was in a line with Darren Dunstan.  I went through Dan's line first and got a few things signed.  Since there was not as many people there for Mike, they let people go up early and get his autograph and get back in line for Dan.  After getting through that line, we went and got into Wayne's line.  It was great to talk with both Wayne and Darren when we got up there.  Darren is Splinter from the 4Kids series, I only met him one other time at Anime Vegas 2005.

Overall this was a fun, small event for me.  Though I know there was a lot more done for the Yu-Gi-Oh fans, including a live duel by the voice actors.  I enjoyed seeing what there was, and met some nice people.  Saw some other Turtle fans there, who did not realize that these were Ninja Turtle Voices as well as people who worked on Yu-Gi-Oh and got some videos and photos.  While I wish I could say we got some interviews there, there was no interviews preformed at this event.

Did anyone else go to this event?  If so which days did you go?  Please share Reviews, comments and questions below!

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