Rock the Half Shell


“Crime waves high with muggings mysterious, all police and detectives are furious.”  When I hear that line in a song I get very excited as it’s one of my favorite songs from my childhood.  “T U R T L E Power” from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.  This remains one of my favorite TMNT songs of all time, equal to only to the original TMNT cartoon series theme song.  This song is by Partners in Kryme, so my excitement when I found out that they were doing a new song in 2014 for Ninja Turtles had me excited.  First time I heard it was at the Epic Party, at that time we could not share the song.  Though now it is up and ready to be shared, the video here is “Rock the Half Shell”. 

This song is totally about the Turtles being back.  It’s something Fans can get involved in singing along in at the shows.  It has the different parts of Turtles, from their fights to pizza.  And best of all it’s bringing the Golden Voice from Partners in Kryme back to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Making this a great song for old school fans as well as new TMNT fans, as we can not just enjoy the music but the fun information behind the song.

This is the video for “Rock the Half Shell” that has been released.  A great video in all ways as it has not just the Golden Voice singing with the Turtles, but also includes Turtle fans in all ways.  Going through the video you see a lot of Turtle fans included, some of which I know from hanging out with at events.  Others are known just by their own blogs, like Andre Meadows who is best known for his Youtube channel Black Nerd Comedy.  We’ve shared other videos with Andrew before.  Seeing fellow TMNT fans get to be included in this part of Ninja Turtle history is exciting and makes the video all the more exciting. 

The costumes are made by Dan who runs DBS Turtles, these Turtle costumes have been seen at many events and are even in “Ted 2” at Theaters Now!  Dan made these costumes out of his love and respect for the Turtles as a fan and has been doing so for a few years now.  Always working at improving his suites and helping make it so fellow fans can have their dreams of wearing costumes that look like they came from the film.  He even made a Michelangelo costume for Nick Palma who was Michaelangelo fighting actor in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.  I am so happy for Dan on how far he’s been able to go with his passion.

I highly recommend “Rock the Half Shell” to fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.  Please share your love and passion and help support this video on itunes and Beats Music, let the Golden Voice know that work is still enjoyed by Turtle fans around the World!  As he still has his Turtle Power!

What is your thoughts of “Rock the Half Shell”?  Please share all reviews, comments and questions below. 


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