RSD Awareness Shirt Sale - Only a few days left

I have often shared here on Cowabunga Corner that I have RSD from a work injury that happened in October 2004.  It has come to my attention that there's a hoodie for sale that really does match up to how I feel about RSD.  I am not connected to the group selling this hoodie, nor am I making anything for promoting it.  The only benifit for me is helping spread the word about RSD and sharing that this hoodie is out there for people with RSD that want to spread the word and help others learn what we go through.  

RSD is a very painful condition.  It doesn't just affect the limb where you have the nerve damage but can cripple your life if you let it.  If you stop using that part of body because of the pain you can loose it.  I did a lot of research on RSD back when I learned that I have this.  In doing so, I learn that even though it hurts I gotta stretch the arm out once a week.  Try writing and drawing once a week.  Just to not loose my arm for good.  I hope often that a cure can be found.  In 2011 I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to try and help with the pain.  Did great for a few years, but in recent years I keep having to turn up my remote to where it's nearly full again and things that hurt me before are hurting me again.  Wind.  Bumps in the road.   And Cold never stopped hurting me.  This is not a journey anyone will never plan ask for in their life.  But it's important to still find reasons to love life to keep going.  And it is a fight.  

I love life through my family and events.  My depression is high, but with my love ones I normally see my way through each day.  And being able to talk with fellow TMNT fans is a distraction from the pain.  Though all of my friends, those who see me at events, and even people who just bump into me at public places learn of RSD.  I'm very open of the condition warning people of my pain attacks that bring me down to the ground often.  Just a light bump in a store by a shopping cart, eblow, shelf or child can bring me down to my knees where I can not walk.  Most people who don't know me, react as if I'm over reacting.  This is just a part of my life.  A painful part of my life.

Please help spread the word.  This group is working to spread RSD awareness.  I highly recommend this hoodie to everyone who has RSD/CRPS!   Let's not stay in the shadows.  People need to know that this is real and out there.  I will wear my hoodie once it arives in the mail.  

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